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  • LMC staff have scoured the internet to bring you these resources for online research.  If you have any suggestions for links to add or find any "dead" links, please let us know.

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    Doing good research requires a processes of inquiry.
    Use these questions as part of your EPIC research process!
    A: Authority
    Who is the author of this information? What are their related credentials or qualifications? If the source doesn’t have an author, what can you find out about the organization that published it? What is the domain of the website?
    B: Bias
    Why was this information written? Was it written to inform, persuade, entertain, or sell? Are arguments one-sided or do they represent multiple viewpoints? What other information has been published by this same author/institution?
    C: Currency
    When was this information published or last updated? Some information becomes outdated quickly, but primary sources can be valid hundreds of years after publication. Consider currency within the context of your research project.
    A: Appropriateness
    What kind of tone, writing style, and vocabulary does this information reflect? Is the information readable for you and your intended audience? Does author make any assumptions about the prior knowledge of the reader? What ads appear on the site?
    B: Believability
    How convincing is the information? Is there a bibliography/works cited to research evidence provided? Does the author use multiple fonts, type words in all caps, have frequent spelling/grammar errors, etc.? Have I tried to verify this information using a lateral search?
    C: Context
    Where does this information fit within the context of the rest of your research and prior knowledge? Does the author provide sufficient (cited) reference material? Does your source appropriately cover the topic and add to your research?