Peak to Peak's Campus

  • The Peak to Peak K-12 campus encompasses 39.6 acres in east Boulder County.  Since moving to this location in 2002, the school has continued to expand the facilities available to its 1450 students and the community.  The premises currently contain over 183,000 sq ft of building space housing seven science labs; a College Planning and Counseling Center; a Performing Arts Complex with auditeria; a Library Media Center, a tutoring center, and technology labs; vocal and instrumental music classrooms; three gymnasiums; a fully-equipped weight room; large cafeteria space with a variety of seating options both indoors and out; and a state-of-the-art kitchen.  The campus also includes two soccer fields, including one high-quality synthetic turf field with lights; baseball and softball fields; tennis courts; and two playgrounds. 

Land Acknowledgment

  • Campus view from the air

    Boulder Valley School District resides and operates on land that is the ancestral homeland, and unjustly & illegally taken territory of the Ute, Puebloan, Arapaho, Cheyenne, Apache, Navajo, and 48 other tribal nations historically tied to this land, who have called this land home since time immemorial.  We acknowledge the atrocities committed here, including the painful history of genocide, forced assimilation, and efforts to alienate the Indigenous inhabitants from their homeland, supported by the policies of the United States government. 

    Peak to Peak gratefully acknowledges that our campus is located on the traditional territory of the Cheyenne, Arapaho, Ute, and Očhéthi Šakówiŋ nations.   

    Together with BVSD, Peak to Peak is aware of the many Indigenous peoples, past and present, and their dignified nations and cultures who care for the land with strength and resilience.  We recognize the histories of the land in Colorado and the survival of the many nations that carry their oral traditions into the present.  

    It is BVSD's and Peak to Peak's responsibility to educate ourselves, our communities, and our students so that we can embrace the wisdom and knowledge of Indigenous peoples and actively stand together to address injustices.  In offering this land acknowledgment, we affirm and honor the history, wisdom, oral traditions, and resilience of Indigenous people and recognize the responsibility to care for and appreciate this land together.

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Traffic Plan

    Please see the linked diagram that highlights the traffic flow for daily drop-off and pick-up of students. Also, note the designated parking areas on the attached diagram. For the first few weeks of school, traffic on campus will undoubtedly be heavy and congested, so please be patient and considerate. Please follow the guidelines listed below to allow for a safer and more pleasant experience. Also, keep in mind that traffic will improve in a few weeks as carpools get established and people stagger the times that they arrive. Please note that Puma Drive is a one-way entrance at all times, and Canterbury Drive is a one-way exit at all times.
    As you enter Puma Drive from Emma, please be aware that the left lane is for thru traffic heading East towards the gyms, activities building, and Canterbury Drive exit. The right lane is for those accessing the west parking lot or those picking up or dropping off along the secondary drive line.
     Traffic and Parking Description
    Traffic and Parking Maps*

Learning Garden

  • The Peak to Peak K-12 Learning Garden creates a true outdoor living classroom providing students with unlimited opportunities for education in food awareness and environmental sustainability.   In partnership with the Growe Foundation, a non-profit organization in Boulder, CO ( students experience standards-based lessons providing them with opportunities to use science, math and language arts in a garden setting and learn first-hand about ecology, economics, meteorology, and the importance of healthy life-supporting ecosystems. Also, see Peak to Peak's Seed Library.