• Peak to Peak’s Elementary School opened its doors in 2000 and today there is much to celebrate. Our teachers and staff have taken the original vision of a K-12 college preparatory public school and developed a successful school that has proven that, when challenged, students can and do rise to the occasion.
    Peak to Peak Elementary School’s rigorous curriculum focuses on standards-based learning and uses the nationally recognized Core Knowledge Sequence as the basis for its content in Social Studies and Science. Our literature-based reading program emphasizes phonics, phonemic awareness and extensive practice which builds fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary. Our math program emphasizes computation and problem-solving. Peak to Peak believes that students should be placed according to their abilities rather than by strict age levels, so students are ability-grouped in math and reading classes. Teachers also use clustering and differentiation to meet all students’ needs. 
    The result has been significant outside recognition. The elementary, middle and high schools have each been ranked “Excellent” by the Colorado Department of Education and received John Irwin School of Excellence Awards. We have also been named “Best Bet” by the Center for Educational Reform. In addition to being academically focused, we offer opportunities in art, music, physical education, leadership, character education, and after-school activities to give students a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning and discovery.
    As Peak to Peak moves forward, we will continue our commitment to academic excellence, while providing an atmosphere in which each student is known and valued.

Elementary Curriculum Documents

    Program Characteristics

    Peak to Peak’s standards-based Elementary program uses the nationally recognized Core Knowledge Sequence for social studies and science, combined with additional educational materials to maximize student learning. In addition to reading, writing, spelling, math, social studies, and science, Peak to Peak elementary students participate in P.E., art, world language (Spanish or French), music, and library time. 

    Peak to Peak uses a structured reading skills curriculum that emphasizes phonics, phonemic awareness, and extensive practice which builds fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary. Literature selections for each grade include a variety of modern and classical literature, drama, poetry, and speeches. Given the depth and breadth of Core Knowledge content in history, geography, civics, science, and the arts, there are many opportunities to integrate reading and writing instruction across the curriculum.
    Beginning in kindergarten and continuing throughout elementary, middle, and high school, all students are taught writing skills on a common writing continuum and assessed using the research-based Six-Trait Analytical Writing Assessment Model. 

    Beginning in first grade, students are placed in flexible math groups to ensure that each individual is appropriately challenged. Peak to Peak’s math curriculum places equal emphasis on math content and problem-solving skills.

    Peak to Peak encourages all students to become proficient in at least one language in addition to English. At the elementary level, students have world language instruction in Spanish and/or French, with a focus on pronunciation, vocabulary, and cultural studies. 

    Special Programs and Opportunities

    Examples of the activities in which Peak to Peak elementary students may participate include:
    • Destination Imagination
    • Student Council
    • Community Service Projects
    • Math Club
    • Talent Shows
    • Student Recycling Committee
    • Spelling Bee
    • Geography Bee
    • Mad Science
    • Science Fair
    • Peer Mediation
    • Library Club
    • Calwood Outdoor Education
    Peak to Peak’s before- and after-school care program also offers sports and activities and makes them available to all Peak to Peak elementary students.

    School Climate
    Peak to Peak’s high expectations also apply to the school’s culture, including expectations for behavior and responsibility. Included in Peak to Peak’s mission statement is the goal that Peak to Peak students will become active and responsible citizens of an interdependent world. It is therefore expected that Peak to Peak students will consider how their decisions and actions will affect themselves and others.
    Through the Character Development Committee and staff, Peak to Peak seeks to intentionally infuse character throughout the culture of the school rather than adding it as an extra program. To achieve this goal, Character Development has been included in several ways including: 
    • Teacher and staff role modeling
    • Throughout the standards and curriculum
    • Behavior and discipline codes
    • Practical applications such as service projects
    Peak to Peak’s elementary school students have participated in character assemblies, school-wide character/community building activities, school-to-home character connections, service learning and bullying prevention fairs. The school also supports a positive environment through community service, a bullying prevention program, a code of conduct, a dress code, and an honor code.