Emergency Preparedness Efforts

  • Emergency Response

    Peak to Peak has an Emergency Response Team (ERT) on campus composed of trained staff members.  The ERT team is called when there is a health emergency on campus during the school day.  Each staff member on the ERT team has an assigned individual role. 

    The following staff are members of our ERT team:

    Nick Carter (Lead)
    Josh Benson
    Alison Berman
    Melissa Christensen
    Tracy Cloninger
    Allie Cross
    Keri Dunphy
    Tracy Durland
    Vicki Hankey
    Jennifer Klein
    Brian Knox
    Kyle Mathews
    Clara Quinlan
    Dan Seidman
    Health Room staff

    Crisis Management 

    All Boulder Valley School District Schools have a Crisis Management plan and team.  Families expect and trust Peak to Peak to keep their children safe during the school day.  The efforts of our school's staff and this comprehensive plan help us meet those expectations.  The plan has been developed to provide Peak to Peak a foundation for successful crisis mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery from crisis.  Based on a template that was reviewed and revised by a collaborative group of BVSD and P2P school administrators, local emergency managers, fire departments and local law enforcement agencies, this plan reflects the latest "best thinking" gleaned from research.  This plan will continue to be reviewed and revised in keeping with P2P's and BVSD's commitment to continuous improvement in all areas of safety. 

    Below are the members of Peak to Peak's Crisis Management Team:
    Kyle Mathews (Lead) - High School Principal
    Clara Quinlan - Middle School Principal
    Melissa Christensen - Elementary School Principal
    Jennifer Douglas - Executive Director of Operations 
    Jennifer Klein - Executive Director of Education
    Joshua Benson - High School Assistant Principal
    Victoria Hankey- Middle School Assistant Principal
    Alison Berman - Elementary Assistant Principal
    John Wilcox - Facilities Director
    Allie Cross - Office Director  
    Kristianna Vedvik - Director of Human Resources
    Tracy Durland - Communications Director
    Dan Seidman - Athletics & Activities Director
    Keri Dunphy - Director of Professional Development

    Communications with First Responders

    The Peak to Peak Crisis Management Team uses two-way radios as the primary means of communication in school emergencies.  Our school safety training includes radio procedures that improve coordination with local first responders when responding to school incidents.  Our safety radios and communications training are provided by SchoolSAFE Communications, a community partner recognized through the Colorado Safe Schools Act.  For more information, visit schoolsafecom.org.


    Evacuation and Reunification Procedures

    Peak to Peak’s first priority is the safety and well being of all of our community members.  Student release is a critical part of emergency planning.  A situation that requires a campus evacuation requires a comprehensive emergency plan to ensure the safety of students to every extent possible.
    A variety of emergency situations might necessitate a student-parent/guardian reunification.  It may be needed if the school is evacuated or closed due to a natural disaster, as a result of a hazardous material transportation accident, school violence, terrorist attack, or other local hazard.
    Our primary offsite reunification location is Flatirons Community Church located at 355 W. South Boulder Rd, Lafayette, CO 80026.  The size of the facility will accommodate our entire population as well as other local schools if needed. For any onsite evacuation and reunification, we will provide details as to the campus reunification location and when and where students may be picked up.
    Emergency situations can be chaotic and emotional.  It is our goal to make the process as safe and streamlined as possible for everyone. We want all Peak to Peak families to be aware of, and understand, our reunification process. Administrators have been trained by district, state, and national authorities on this process.  It is important to remain as calm and flexible as possible in a crisis situation. Please review the below information and contact us with any questions.

    Reunification Procedures:

    • Parents/guardians will be notified about the emergency situation via the school’s regular communication channels (website, outbound calls, texts). Please make sure your contact information is up-to-date in the school’s systems, as this is how we stay in touch not only for routine communications, but also during emergencies.
    • Parents/guardians should meet at the church for any off-site evacuation to pick up their child/children. Children should not be picked up at the school or enroute to the evacuation site.
    • Parents/guardians will report to the far west entrance of the church to the assigned pick up area and line up by the sign representing the first letter of the student’s last name.
    • A photo ID will be required to ensure the person requesting the child/children is a match to the name on the emergency contact list in Infinite Campus.
    • Students will not be released to anyone that is not listed in their emergency contact list in Infinite Campus.
    • A staff runner will go to the student assembly area, which is in another area of the church, to get the child/children requested by the parent/guardian or adult.  The runner will escort the student back to the pick up area.
    • Parents/guardians will be asked to sign a form indicating they picked up the child/children.  The date and time will also be indicated on the pick up form.
    • Counselors, when available, will be located close to the area if needed.
    • School administrators, in cooperation with law enforcement, will oversee the reunification process, respond to emergency needs and communicate next steps to the school community.

    Following all emergency response scenarios, school leadership, district leadership and first responders will reconvene to debrief and process events in order to continually improve responsiveness.  Your support, patience and feedback are important to everyone’s safety in emergencies; we will welcome your input should any such situation arise.

    School Closure Determination

    Peak to Peak follows BVSD's school closure policy.  We will be in session on each school day unless inclement weather or other emergencies result in the closure of the facility.  We are part of BVSD's NON-MOUNTAIN schools.  Whenever a closure is necessary, BVSD will immediately contact radio and TV stations, send communication from School Messenger via text, phone and/or e-mail to BVSD families and place a closure notice on their website.  Notification will be given before 6:30 AM or as soon as a decision is made by BVSD officials.  If P2P has school on a day when BVSD is not in session, P2P will determine if there is a closure.  Our information will be communicated through radio and TV stations, a notice on our website and an e-mail to our families via our Blackboard Connect System.

    Scheduled Practice Drills

    Peak to Peak is required to practice safety drills throughout the year as mandated by Boulder Valley School District.  We practice the following drills each year with our staff and students:
    - fire drills (monthly)
    - secure/lockdown (twice a year)
    - tornado (twice a year)


    SAFE2TELL® is designed to help you anonymously report any threatening behavior that endangers you, your friends, your family, or your community.  To access the Safe2Tell site to make an anonymous report, go to www.safe2tell.org, or dial 1-877-542-7233. Police and administrators are alerted by these anonymous reports.