• What does the Writing Center do?
    The Writing Center meets one-on-one with writers to encourage discussion and improve writing development. Our consultants will help students and staff formulate big pictures (brainstorming, organization, content development, logical argumentation, etc.) and include more specific feedback (grammar, format, punctuation, etc.) as time allows.
    We believe writing is a collaborative process, and every writer deserves an experienced, discerning, and non-judgmental reader to offer assistance through this process.
    Will the Writing Center staff write or copy-edit my students' papers?
    No, writing consultants will NOT write or copy-edit student papers. Students maintain ownership and take full responsibility of the papers they create and turn in. The Writing Center staff provides recommendations, but students may choose whether or not to incorporate the feedback they receive.
    Can Writing Center staff track which students come down for support?
    If you have an assignment that requires or rewards students for receiving support from the Writing Center, please let us know and we will send you a list of the participating students.
    Can Writing Center staff help to develop a writing workshop for my class?
    We are happy to develop workshops tailored to writing in specific disciplines and genres as part of our teaching assistant program. If you are interested in a workshop that addresses writing concerns specific to your class, contact us.
    Note - Workshops are time-consuming to create, so please allow plenty of time for us to meet with you and design a lesson plan.
    I have a writing project that I'm working on. Can I receive support from the Writing Center?
    Yes! The Writing Center is open to any student, teacher, or administrator at Peak to Peak Charter School. We are happy to help you craft a grant, proposal, or any other piece that you want to write and/or publish.