New Volunteer Information

  • Prior to volunteering at Peak to Peak you will need to sign and turn into the main office:   Volunteer Waiver and Release Agreement, and both CBI Notice to Applicant and FBI Notice to Applicant

    Volunteering more than once:  You will need to do the fingerprinting.  Fingerprinting only needs to be done once.   The fingerprint instructions are provided by the office once your paperwork is received. 

    Volunteering at only one event during the school year:  You don't need to get fingerprinted and will need to select One Time Background check on the Volunteer Waiver and Release Agreement. You will be contacted over email to complete your background check using your SS#.  Background checks are done every year. 

    Please contact Traci Schoeneweis ( or 303-453-4682)if you have any questions about forms.  The forms can be printed by following the "Volunteer Paperwork" link on the right side of the page.

    Once your paperwork is processed, you will be issued a name badge, which can be picked up at the attendance window in the south building. You must wear this badge at all times when you are at school.  If you forget your badge you will need to sign in through the Raptor system at the attendance window to be issued a temporary badge.

    It is a requirement that all new volunteers review our online volunteer training prior to volunteering.  On the right of this page is a link titled "New Volunteer Training" please click on that link and review the information there as well.  Feel free to contact the K-12 Volunteer Coordinator with any questions.