• The accomplishments documents highlight milestones and recognitions for each year.  Each accomplishment represents progress toward the Four Peak to Peak Pillars.

    Pillar 1.  We Value Learning:  Educational Philosophy

    Learning is the core value of Peak to Peak. The school emphasizes excellence in a college preparatory education by focusing its efforts on the capability of students of all backgrounds and cultures to grow academically and personally.

    Pillar 2.  We Value Character Development

    Respect, responsibility, and other universally valued character traits are embedded in the curriculum and school culture to help equip students for long-term success in life.

    Pillar 3.  We Value Our Staff

    Peak to Peak fosters an environment that is fair, challenging, and innovative and that supports extensive professional development. We take pride in the excellence of our faculty and staff.

    Pillar 4.  We Value and Welcome Our Community

    Peak to Peak actively includes students, staff, parents, and community partners. Our partners have the opportunity to engage in productive dialogue and to make a difference.


    Peak to Peak Charter School is a nationally-recognized K-12 charter public school. The selected accomplishments listed below showcase the school's overall success; this is not a comprehensive list of student, staff, and school accomplishments. Additional accomplishments can be viewed by school year and in the Puma Spotlight.

Accredited College Preparatory Program 

    • Performance/Excellence accreditation through the Colorado Department of Education (2003-present)
    • College Preparatory Accreditation from North Central Association (2004-2012) and AdvancedED (2012-present)
    • John Irwin School of Excellence (2003-2013)

Top High School in the Nation

  • US News and World Report Best High Schools:
    2019: 233rd Nationally, 4th in Colorado
    2018: Nationally, 1st in Colorado
    2017: 34th Nationally, 1st in Colorado
    2016: 64th Nationally, 1st in Colorado
    2015: 131st Nationally, 3rd in Colorado
    2014: 66th Nationally, 1st in Colorado
    2013: 58th Nationally, 1st in Colorado
    2012: 102nd Nationally, 2nd in Colorado
    2010: 76th Nationally, 1st in Colorado
    2009: 69th Nationally
    2008: 47th Nationally
    Daily Beast’s Top American High School
    (previously Newsweek’s Top 100):
    2014: 28th
    2013: 49th
    2012: 43rd
    2011: 29th
    2010: 35th
    2009: 61st
    2008: 40th
    Washington Post's Most Challenging High Schools Index/
    Jay Mathews Challenge Index:
    2019: 126th Nationally, #2 in Colorado
    2018: 96th Nationally, #1 in Colorado
    2017: 95th Nationally, #1 in Colorado
    2016: 127th Nationally, #2 in Colorado
    2015: 94th
    2011: 50th
    Additional Awards:
    2015: World Language Program Wins 2014-15 CLEAR 3-Star Award
    2013: 5280 Magazine’s Top Twenty Schools in Colorado
    2010: Best Public School in The Yellow Scene’s Best of the West Issue
    2007: 5280 Magazine’s Number One School in the Denver Metro Area

Student SAT and ACT Scores 

  • In 2017, Colorado moved to using the SAT score as the primary accountability measure for high schools. Peak to Peak students' mean SAT score exceeded both the district and the state.

    Table showing average SAT scores for Peak to Peak, BVSD, and the state.

    2019: 1st in BVSD; 4th in Colorado
    2018: 1st in BVSD; 4th in Colorado
    2017: 2nd in BVSD; 4th in Colorado

    Prior to 2017, the ACT score was used in Colorado as the primary accountability measure for high schools. Peak to Peak's average student ACT scores surpassed both district (Boulder Valley School District - BVSD) and state averages from 2005-2016.


    Peak to Peak's student ACT scores consistently ranked among the best high school scores in the state:
    2016: 1st in BVSD; 6th in Colorado
    2015: 1st in BVSD; 5th in Colorado
    2014: 1st in BVSD; 3rd in Colorado
    2013: 2nd in BVSD; 5th in Colorado
    2012: 2nd in BVSD; 4th in Colorado
    2011: 1st in BVSD; 2nd in Colorado
    2010: 5th in Colorado
    2009: 5th in Colorado
    2008: 2nd in Colorado

Graduation and Matriculation

Academic Scholar Awards

  • U.S. Presidential Scholars:
    2018: 1 Semifinalist
    2017: 1 Student
    Boettcher Scholars:
    2019: 1 Student
    2018: 1 Student
    2017: 3 Semifinalists
    2015: 1 Student
    2014: 1 Student
    2012: 1 Student
    2011: 1 Student
    AP Scholar Designations:
    2018: 145 Students Received AP Scholar Designations
    2017: 172 Students Received AP Scholar Designations
    2017: 162 Students Received AP Scholar Designations
    2016: 147 Students Received AP Scholar Designations
    2015: 159 Students Received AP Scholar Designations
    2014: 176 Students Received AP Scholar Designations
    2013: 106 Students Received AP Scholar Designations
    2012: 72 Students Received AP Scholar Designations
    2011: 100 Students Received AP Scholar Designations
    2010: 86 Students Received AP Scholar Designations
    2009: 82 Students Received AP Scholar Designations
    National Merit Scholars:
    2020: 7 Finalists
    2019: 6 Finalists
    2018: 5 Finalists
    2017: 4 Finalists, 12 Semifinalists
    2016: 4 Students
    2015: 2 Students
    2014: 8 Students
    2013: 5 Finalists, 1 Semifinalist, 8 Commended Scholars
    2012: 3 Semifinalists, 3 Commended Scholars
    2011: 7 Finalists, 8 Semifinalists, 9 Commended Scholars
    2010: 2 Finalists, 3 Semifinalists, 7 Commended Scholars
    2009: 5 Finalists, 9 Commended Scholars
    2008: 10 Semifinalists, 8 Commended Scholars
    2007: 3 Finalists
    2006: 2 Finalists, 8 Commended Scholars
    2005: 7 Commended Scholars
    2004: 1 Finalist
    National Honor Society:
    2019: 50 Students Inducted
    2018: 35 Students Inducted
    2017: 37 Students Inducted
    2016: 37 Students Inducted
    2015: 39 Students Inducted
    2014: 31 Students Inducted
    2013: 31 Students Inducted
    2012: 50 Students Inducted
    2011: 41 Students Inducted

Athletic State Championships