Advanced Placement Exam Fees

  • Fee Usage

    College Board currently requires schools to charge $97 per AP exam. The school pays $88 of this fee directly to College Board. The school is allowed to keep $9 per exam to cover expenses such as:

    • AP exam proctors
    • AP summer training for our teachers (currently starting at $750 per session)
    • AP exam supplies (including headphones, tape recorders, batteries, pencils, pens, envelopes, stamps)
    • Pre-administration session provisions

    Peak to Peak does not make a profit from AP exam fees.

    Fee Payments

    • The fee for each AP exam will post to student accounts by August 1.
    • Payments for all AP Tests are due on October 1st. Any tests not paid in full will be assessed a $50 late fee per test.

    Payment for tests should be made online using your student fees account. Exam payments may also be made by submitting a check payable to Peak to Peak. Any family in need of establishing a payment plan may contact Amy Skinner. The payment plan will need to be in place and agreed to before October 1st to avoid the $50 late fee. Free and reduced fee families should contact Ms. Skinner as well.

    Please refer all payment questions to Amy Skinner at 303-453-4663 or

    Exam Cancelation & Rescheduling Policy

    Please look closely at your scheduled AP exam times and dates. If you notice a conflict, contact the testing coordinator immediately. If you have two exams scheduled at the same time, you may take one of the exams during the late testing window at no extra cost, though the testing coordinator may decide which test you take at which time due to proctor availability. After AP tests have been ordered from College Board, a full reimbursement is not possible. If you need to cancel your exam participation, please contact the AP coordinator immediately.

    If you are ill on the date of the test you must provide a doctor's note to the Testing Coordinator. You may then be allowed to take your exam during the late testing window but will have to pay up to $95 in fees to cover the new exam and the cost of a proctor. Please note that an extended absence prior to the test does not qualify a student to take their test at a later date. If you are sick on the date of the test, please call the school and let attendance know you will be missing your AP exam.

    Additionally, please note that you may not elect to take the exam during the late-testing window without meeting the criteria. Please contact the Testing Coordinator if you have questions about your specific situation.