Peak Scholarship Fund

  • Empowering All of Our Students to Reach Their Peak Potential




    As a top rated school in Colorado, Peak to Peak Charter School has made a priority to get every student into a college of their choice; however, the rising cost of education presents a significant barrier to continuing education for many of our students. Despite exceptional education and preparation, every year Peak to Peak has 6 to 12 graduates who live at a level of poverty that does not allow them to go to college.

    The Peak Scholarship Fund will bridge the gap between college acceptance and college attendance for those students who would not otherwise be able to afford a college education.

    Your gift to the Peak Scholarship Fund helps ensure every student will be on a college campus where they have a future to pursue their dreams. Peak to Peak Charter School truly appreciates your support. Your gift is the difference maker in the lives of our students.

    Please help Peak to Peak ensure no student is denied the opportunity to receive a college education.



    When Nick's father passed away his senior year, Nick lost any hope that he could attend college. After graduation, Nick planned to start working to help his mother support the family. Neither of Nick's parents attended college and his older brothers never made it to a four-year program. "I was just going to work and settle for the hand I was dealt."

    A scholarship from the Peak Scholarship Fund, changed that reality. "After the devastation last year, receiving this scholarship has given me a chance again. It has allowed me a chance to dream again, to have the opportunity to chase my dream and achieve success."

    Nick's dream is to be a Pharmacist so that he can help people control substances, educate the population about the dangers of prescription medications, and share his story about suicide by overdose.

    At Metropolitan State University, Nick feels remarkably prepared for his classes. "I feel like I had the necessary background from Peak to Peak to be successful. Peak to Peak did a great job teaching me the basics so that I could pursue my dream."

    Nick hopes that the community will rally around the Peak Scholarship Fund. There are so many students who have similar stories. Nick stated, "I wish people could understand how amazing this gift is for me. To dream again when I was set up for failure, well it's like a second chance."

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