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  • Summer 2020

    Sophie Steven (rising 11th grader) has been recognized as an honorable mention winner the nationally sponsored 2020 Kaplun Foundation essay contest. Additionally, she was invited to serve on the prestigious Kaplun Teen Foundation Board where the top essayists get to help allocate other foundation funds to non-profits.

    Peak to Peak high school artists won the most photography and digital art awards possible from any school for the Art Attack 2020 Exhibition. Aiyana Rockwell (Class of 2020) received a second place award for her piece titled "Arcade."

    An online gallery of the winners can be seen here:

    Congratulations to the following students: Maguerite Ford (Class of 2020), Isabelle Pollock (Class of 2020), Katie Perez (Class of 2020), Amelia Schantz (Class of 2020), Thad Krusinski (Class of 2020), Taylor Johnson (Class of 2020), Ella Junker (rising 12th grader), and Taya Kendrick (rising 12th grader).

    Meredith Rupe (Class of 2020) and Anna Sparling (Class of 2020) each received an honorable mention in Cooper Hewitt's 2020 National High School Design Competition for the work they created in the Communication Innovation Honors course. Nineteen designs were selected for the honor, and Meredith's and Anna's projects were two of them! A total of three finalists will be selected from the field of nineteen. The winner will have the opportunity to travel to New York City in October, to attend the Teen Design Fair. The theme of this year's challenge focused on inclusiveness.