Peak Option Overview

  • Transparent, equitable, and competitive staff compensation is a top priority for Peak to Peak’s Administration and Board of Directors. In addition to compensation based on a salary scale, teachers, and counselors are eligible for stipended leadership positions and bonuses based on their individual evaluation scores and school-wide student achievement metrics. To further customize its compensation system and to provide additional opportunities for veteran staff members to earn higher salaries, Peak to Peak’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT) has developed the Peak Option.

    Created as a replacement for the Ph.D. lanes on the teacher and counselor salary scales, the Peak Option criteria are intentionally designed to be highly rigorous and comparable to the level of time and effort required to earn a doctorate degree. Specific criteria, which are outlined in the Flowchart for Qualifying for Peak Option Pay Scale document, reflect professional work that has a direct and positive impact on student achievement, school culture, and Peak to Peak’s vision and mission. From beginning to end, the process to apply and be approved for the Peak Option will minimally take one school year. Teachers and counselors may also work toward the Peak Option over several years.