Professional Development

  • The field of education continues to be flooded with research affirming that the single most important factor in student achievement is the quality of the teacher in the classroom.  Consequently, one of Peak to Peak’s paramount priorities is to hire and retain the highest-caliber teachers possible.  The school’s Hiring and Organizational Development Team (HOD) of parent volunteers and staff members works tirelessly to attract qualified candidates to every open position, and is known for its exacting standards and exhaustive hiring process.  But hiring excellent teachers isn’t enough.  Teaching is a craft that is mastered over time, and all teachers, regardless of their expertise or years of experience, require ongoing professional development in order to stay effective and engaged, and to ensure the best possible results in the classroom. 

Our Professional Learning Community Video

Differentiated Professional Development

  • Peak to Peak implements a differentiated professional development program designed to customize support for teachers individually as well as in cohorts, and to provide meaningful professional development with direct ties to student achievement and school-wide goals.  Depending on a teacher's needs and professional goals and the results of their performance evaluation, professional development is customized with different expectations and responsibilities. Through the differentiated professional development program and the performance evaluation process, Peak to Peak seeks to empower teachers to be active agents in their own growth and development, and to promote high staff morale and job satisfaction while ensuring that all students are in the care of educational experts at the cutting edge of their field.