• Induction Program


    The state of Colorado requires that all initially licensed teachers complete a state-approved induction program prior to applying for a professional license.  Peak to Peak’s state-approved induction program is a proven avenue toward increasing teacher mastery and retaining quality teachers, which raises the overall educational school quality and aids in student academic achievement.  All teachers in their first year at Peak to Peak are required to complete the induction program as part of their introduction and orientation to the school’s systems and expectations for quality instructional practices.  The induction program runs for one full school year, and every induction teacher is paired with a peer mentor.  The program includes professional development workshops in August, bi-monthly workshops throughout the school year, classroom observations, weekly mentor meetings, and written reflections.  Mentors meet with their mentees for thirty minutes outside of class each week, and pairs observe in each other’s classrooms once each semester.  Initially licensed teachers who successfully complete the program receive a certificate to submit to the Colorado Department of Education when applying for a professional license. 

    Partnering for induction services is one of the ways Peak to Peak's Center for Professional Development provides support to charter schools who need state-approved programs for their teachers but do not have access through their authorizing districts.  These partnerships create opportunities for Peak to Peak’s master teachers to mentor teachers who are new to the field, engage in reflective conversations about instructional best practices, and provide support for content and grade-level challenges and opportunities.