• Benefits of Center for Professional Development (CPD) Partnerships


    As a result of the leadership and consulting opportunities provided by CPD partnerships, Peak to Peak teachers and administrators become inspired by new insights and valuable experiences, which they use as a lens through which to reflect upon and improve Peak to Peak’s own internal programs and practices.  Partnerships provide opportunities for Peak to Peak teachers to increase their instructional mastery and leadership capacity, as well as engage in metacognitive reflection about the best practices in their own classrooms.  What’s more, many partnerships generate income for the school and additional compensation for the teacher-consultants involved.  In addition to promoting high student achievement, partnerships also serve to raise the school’s profile in the Colorado educational community and beyond.  Ultimately, when the CPD brings education professionals together to improve organizations through authentic needs assessments and systematic implementation of best practices, schools get better and students get smarter.

    Benefits to Peak to Peak

    • Increase teacher consultants’ instructional mastery and leadership capacity
    • Improve student achievement through expanded mastery of teacher consultants
    • Improve staff morale & retention
    • Reinforce implementation of Peak to Peak expectations
    • Bring diverse educators to the Peak to Peak campus and gives consultants perspective on other organizations
    • Fund itself and provides consultants additional income
    • Raise the overall profile of the school in order to enrich the hiring pool and bring opportunities to campus 


    Benefits to Partner Institutions

    • Introduce and reinforce research-based best practices that are known to increase student achievement
    • Provide custom-tailored professional development targeted to specific needs and budgets
    • Improve instructional capacity and efficacy
    • Improve student achievement
    • Build collaborative networks of educators between and among schools
    • Contribute to educational excellence across Colorado 


    Sample Partnerships

    CPD consultants are currently providing partner institutions support in the following areas:

    • board training
    • data-driven decision making
    • differentiation
    • engagement
    • induction
    • instructional best practices
    • peer coaching
    • peer mentoring
    • pre-service teaching
    • strategic planning
    • strategies for gifted students
    • teacher remediation