University Relationships & Teacher Hiring

  • A school is only as effective as its teaching faculty, and Peak to Peak’s hiring process is designed to ensure that every open position is filled by an excellent teacher who is aligned with the school’s philosophies, mission, and vision.  The hiring committee and administrative team constantly work to raise the school’s profile in the education community in order to attract the highest caliber candidates to open positions.  Additionally, the Center for Professional Development (CPD) collaborates with colleges and universities to host pre-service teachers (practicum students) in Peak to Peak classroom observation placements, as well as providing limited opportunities for student teaching.  By pairing pre-service teachers with Peak to Peak’s master teaching staff, university students have the opportunity to observe professional educators at work, as well as participate in opportunities to interact with students in the classroom.  Not only can this provide pre-service teachers with valuable tools and resources for their own professional development, the pre-service teacher provides the classroom teacher with opportunities created by having the support and resources of another adult the room.  It is the hope of both the CPD and the universities providing these practicum placements that when pre-service teachers graduate and begin their job searches, they will come back to Peak to Peak as teacher candidates, enriching the hiring pool with well-trained teachers already familiar with Peak to Peak’s systems and expectations.  

    While Peak to Peak is able to host multiple practicum placements at any given level, student teaching opportunities are more limited, and may be competitive.  To apply for a position student teaching, student teacher candidates must have already completed at least one practicum placement or ten volunteer hours in one teacher’s classroom on the Peak to Peak campus.  Once those hours are complete, interested candidates may request an invitation to apply to student teach.  The application process includes teaching a demonstration lesson and possible participation in a formal interview conducted by the supervising principal(s), the Director of Professional Development, the cooperating teacher(s), and members of the school’s hiring team.

    To inquire about practicum placements or student teaching opportunities, please contact Peak to Peak's Director of Professional Development.