Teacher Qualifications

  • All Peak to Peak teachers must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. Like most charter schools, Peak to Peak has waived the certification requirement for teachers* in its contract with the district. Although a teaching license is not a direct requirement for employment at Peak to Peak, we do prefer candidates who are licensed through certification by the Colorado Department of Education or an Alternative Teacher Licensing program. Teachers who are hired without a teaching license will be encouraged to work toward certification.
    Additionally, as an academically rigorous college preparatory school, Peak to Peak seeks teachers who are proficient not only in their subject area but also in the field of education. Such proficiency may be demonstrated in a variety of ways, including classroom experience, training and coursework in pedagogy, methodology, research, foundations and educational practice.
    *Please note:  Even with our waiver, Special Education teachers are still required to meet all current Colorado Department of Education certification requirements.