Communicating with the Board of Directors

  • The board wishes to hear viewpoints of the school community and considers the responsible and respectful presentation of these viewpoints vital to the efficient operation of the school. At the beginning of each board meeting, during the time reserved for public comment, members of the community may address the board on any matter not on the agenda. Speakers will be asked to limit their comments to two minutes each. While the board cannot act on or respond to matters presented during the public comment segment, anything requiring follow-up will be referred to the appropriate staff person. Persons wishing to address the board on a matter that appears on the agenda should advise the board president accordingly at the beginning of the board meeting; such persons will be called to speak at the time the topic of concern appears on the agenda. These speakers will also be asked to limit their comments to two minutes each.

    Other requests for the scheduling of appropriate matters on the meeting agenda will be considered by the board president. A group or individual wishing to present a matter at a meeting shall submit a written request to the board president at least five days before the meeting. This will enable the appropriate presenter time to provide the board with available background information on the matter. Whether and when the proposed item will be scheduled will be decided at the earliest possible time, in keeping with other board responsibilities.

    In cases where concerns from community members have followed the proper communication pathways from their point of origin to the executive director of education or executive director of operations (as appropriate), and when the community member(s) remain dissatisfied with the decisions made to resolve the concerns, they may bring their concern to the board of directors. Requests for specific action from the board of directors must be made in writing and given to the board president or submitted via email to: After a thorough review of the situation, the board of directors will then make a decision on the matter.

    To contact individual staff members who are non-voting members of the board, please call the school at 303-453-4600.

    Policies that govern public participation at board meetings (BEDH), communication and conflict resolution (KL-R), and public complaints about the curriculum, instructional materials or strategies (KLB), can be found on the Peak to Peak website. In accordance with Peak to Peak’s communication pathways, policy questions should be directed first to the Office Director at 303-453-4682, then to the Executive Director of Education through the Office Director at the same number and, finally, to the board president at