Accountability Committee

  • The Accountability Committee is open to all members of the Peak to Peak community.


    The purpose of the Accountability Committee (Committee) is to gather and analyze data to assess the school’s progress toward its mission and vision and to provide results of that analysis to the Peak to Peak Board of Directors, the administration and the rest of the Peak to Peak community. See also, C.R.S. § 22‐11‐401, et seq.


    The Committee is open to all and comprised of parents, community members, teachers, staff, and principals or other members of the administration. The Committee meets once per month, from September through May. The Committee reviews the budget and makes recommendations for spending priorities. The Committee administers the annual Parent Survey in the first quarter of the calendar year and presents the results at or before the school’s annual meeting each year. Two SAC members are appointed to the Election Committee, the Committee Chair, and another member. The Committee reviews proposed bylaws changes and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors. Committee members participate in the District Special Education Advisory Council, District Accountability Committee, and District Parent Council. Members may also participate in other committees, such as Finance and Budget Committee or Curriculum Committee. Officers of the Committee are elected at the May meeting each year and serve from June 1st to May 31st.

    The full Accountability Committee Process Document is available through the link provided below.

    Meeting Schedule 2023-2024

    All in our community are welcome to attend the meetings. 

    Meetings are 3:45-5:00 PM on the following dates

    • Mon. 8/28/23
    • Mon. 10/2/23
    • Tues. 11/7/23
    • Mon. 12/4/23
    • Tues. 1/9/24 (Tuesday due to winter break)
    • Tues. 2/6/24 (Tuesday due to Charter Day)
    • Tues. 3/4/24 (Tuesday due to PD day)
    • Mon. 4/1/24
    • Mon. 5/6/24

Accountability Files