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    Peak to Peak is thrilled to partner with businesses with our popular Puma Pennant Program!  Businesses are invited to showcase their support of local students but providing a financial or  in-kind sponsorship to Peak to Peak in exchange for a 4 x 6 banner on the Peak to Peak turf field fence viewed by thousands of community members each week.  Pennant Sponsorships can be earmarked to the program of your choice including, specific team/sports program, school activity (robotics, speech and debate, art etc), performing arts program (concerts, plays) or to the Peak to Peak General Operating Fund.  Please consider these sponsorship options as a flexbile opportunity, if you would like to discuss other options please let us know!

    * Pennants will be displayed beginning August 2022 *

    For more information please visit our 2021/2022 Puma Pennant Program information or contact

    - Rachel Hirt, Friends of Peak to Peak at p2p.friends@bvsd.org or (303) 453-4614

    -Dan Seidman, Athletics and Activities Director at daniel.seidman@bvsd.org 

    We look forward to partnering with you!