Hiring and Organizational Development Committee

  • The Hiring and Organizational Development (HOD) team consists of Peak to Peak administrators, board liaisons, the Human Resources director, trained teachers and parent/guardian volunteers.

    The HOD team’s role is to recruit and recommend candidates to fill openings for administrative, teaching and head coaching positions by using selection procedures and job descriptions approved by the Board of Directors. The team’s primary goal is to hire teachers and staff members who will inspire excellence and promote student achievement while furthering Peak to Peak’s overall mission and vision.

    Peak to Peak’s hiring process is designed to thoroughly assess whether a candidate is a good fit for the Peak to Peak environment. The hiring process has been developed and refined since the school’s inception with input on best practices from human resources professionals, administrators, teachers and hiring team members.

    HOD volunteers are recruited through the Friday Digest. Interested persons can send their contact information to p2p.office@bvsd.org. The Office Director will notify the HOD team of any possible volunteers. Interested volunteers will be encouraged to attend an information session, submit an interest form and be interviewed by committee representatives in order to clarify roles and responsibilities. The committee will submit names of recommended volunteer representatives to the full HOD committee and Board of Directors for approval. Volunteer representatives must be approved by the Board, complete all volunteer requirements and sign a school confidentiality agreement.

    For more information, please contact the HOD team via Peak to Peak’s main office at p2p.office@bvsd.org.