• IROAR is based on the principles of the positive behavior support model.  It is not a program - it is a guiding philosophy.  It is the lens through which we create and establish expectations for student behavior along with a common language that students can easily understand.  In developing IROAR, we have taken the very lengthy student handbook and condensed the rules and expectations into four core values: Inclusion, Respect, Opportunity, Accountability, Responsibility.  

    The positive behavior support approach is proactive. IROAR establishes clear and consistent expectations with meaningful, natural consequences for students when they make choices that are not aligned to our IROAR values. IROAR also emphasizes the importance of students taking responsibility for, and learning from, their choices. IROAR also integrates the principles of restorative justice. Through IROAR, we hope to head off poor choices and support students in making better choices “next time.”

    IROAR means:


    • Welcome and honor all members of our community
    • Accept each person for who they are and what they bring to our school
    • Use fair accurate language.


    • Appreciate others and be open-minded.
    • Act with kindness and empathy.
    • Care for our community and environment.


    • Choose positive actions
    • Make the best of what you have.


    • Celebrate your successes.
    • Own your mistakes - and work to repair the damage or harm caused.


    • Be in charge of what you say and do.
    • Do what you know is right.