Peak to Peak High School

  • US News and World Report Best High School Logo High school students are supported and expected to pursue the most rigorous classes possible to prepare them for success in college and beyond.  Students who demonstrate mastery of knowledge and skill may enroll in one or more of the 20 Advanced Placement courses offered in the high school.  Extensive college counseling is integrated into classroom lessons and is founded on a personalized approach to helping students discover, apply, and be accepted to the best-fit college of their choice.

    Peak to Peak Differentiators 

    • The high school is small, with a maximum capacity of 600 students. Peak to Peak offers the security of a monitored modified closed campus and honor code as well as a collegial atmosphere in which class sizes are moderate, and students have the opportunity to develop sustained relationships with members of the faculty. Students feel safe, supported, and connected to peers and teachers.
    • The school is small enough to ensure that each student is known and valued, but large enough to provide a variety of academic, athletic, and extracurricular activities. Peak to Peak students nurture their artistic talents in a variety of vocal and instrumental music classes, fine arts courses, and theatrical performances. Athletic talents shine and leadership skills are honed through involvement in the athletics program as well as student council, academic competitions, the National Honor Society, and other extracurricular activities.
    • Peak to Peak is an excellent school for students who wish to contribute to creating the culture and the programs that will shape the school now and in the future. We welcome and embrace student voices in fulfilling the mission and vision of the school.
    • Students are asked to meet or exceed college preparatory high school requirements by taking a prescribed number of required courses. This ensures that students will meet or exceed the minimum requirements to attend the college of their choice. Students demonstrating mastery of the knowledge and skills of a particular course will be encouraged to enroll in a more advanced course.
    • Peak to Peak recognizes that the acquisition of efficient work and study habits is a significant contributor to students’ sense of comfort and eagerness to take on new challenges. Students will be taught how to organize, plan, and track their work so that they can meet their goals. 

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