• Want to start a new club?


    Instructions for starting a new club at Peak to Peak:

    1. Write up a formal request, including any costs associated with the club, and email to the High School Principal and Director of Activities & Athletics.

    2. The Director of Activities will need the student led organization to complete a Student Initiated Club Form.

    3. Once the form is approved by the High School Principal, the student has approval to post signage around the school to gain interest for their organization. 

     4. Students must present a club that has no overlap in content of a club that already exists. 

    5. Honor Society clubs must be a part of Service Council and inform Allie Cross prior to being considered. In addition, any service club needs to be organized and presented before the start of a given school year in order to attend the first Service Council meeting in August.

    Student-Initiated and Led Organizations Policy:

    Neither the District nor any of its secondary schools shall deny equal access to school facilities for meetings of student-initiated and led organizations or otherwise discriminate against such organizations or their student members, on the basis of the religious, political, philosophical or other content of the speech of such organizations. 

    Membership in student-initiated and led organizations shall be voluntary and student-initiated, and shall be open to but limited to students currently enrolled at Peak to Peak. 

    The meetings of student-initiated and led organizations shall not materially and substantially interfere with the orderly conduct of educational activities within Peak to Peak and shall not be directed, conducted, controlled or regularly attended by nonschool persons. Each organization shall be responsible for assuring the school principal that all meetings will be and are adequately supervised by a member of the school's staff. School employees may be present at religious meetings only in a nonparticipatory capacity. 

    Student-initiated and led organizations shall not engage in any activity that is contrary to law or school rules; that disrupts or clearly threatens to disrupt the orderly operation of the school; or that would adversely affect the health, safety or welfare of any student or school employee. Failure to comply with these provisions shall be grounds for revocation of the right to continue meeting under this policy. 

    Nothing in the policy shall be construed to authorize any school official to influence the form or content of any prayer or religious activity, to require any person to participate in prayer or religious activity, to compel any school employee to attend any meeting if the meeting is contrary to the beliefs of the employee, or to sanction meetings that are otherwise unlawful. 

    The principal or designee shall review all applications for student-initiated and led organizations and such other information as they consider appropriate and shall approve or disapprove the recognition of the organization within 15 school days after receipt of the application. The principal or designee's decision shall be in writing and if the application is disapproved, the reasons for disapproval shall be stated. 

    Student-initiated and led organizations may conduct meetings on school premises as designated by the principal, but only during non-instructional time. "Non-instructional time" means time designated by the principal before actual classroom instruction begins or after actual classroom instruction ends. The period of time when lunch periods overlap with instructional periods is considered to be instructional time. 

    All fundraising for student-initiated and led organizations must go through Peak to Peak's Service Council.