Elementary School Counseling

  • We are lucky to have a full-time Elementary Counselor who serves all 450 (approximately) students from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. At the Elementary level,  the School Counselor provides education, prevention and intervention services in the areas of academic, career and social/emotional development support. It is important to note that School Counselors are not therapists; rather they are professional educators with a mental health perspective. They typically spend the majority of their time working on universal instruction and working with all students. The Elementary Counselor works in collaboration with administration, teachers, specialists and families to determine the needs of all students.

    Universal Instruction:  

    Our School Counselor is in each classroom regularly to teach all students on a social/emotional topic.  These lessons focus on our Character Traits of the month, our Well-Managed School Skills, emotional regulation, social skills, academic skills, mindfulness and growth mindset, etc.  These lessons augment what the classroom teachers are already teaching around Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and development.  The counselor also consults with classroom teachers to best support SEL in their classrooms. 


    When a student is struggling to integrate certain Social/Emotional skills with the universal supports, the teacher, the Counselor, Administration, and specialists provide a targeted plan to give more support.


    If the targeted interventions do not work, or the student is in crisis, the counselor will employ more intensive interventions.  These interventions become a part of an overall support plan for the student, where there may be a number of teachers and specialists involved in serving and teaching this student.  School Counselors also do screenings for Suicidal Risk or other safety issues.

    The students learn that they can self-refer to the counselor if there is something they are really struggling with.  They can leave a note in Mrs. Ball’s mailbox.  Also, teachers sometimes refer a student to see the counselor if the teacher notices a change or a struggle.  Lastly, families of the student can seek consultation for themselves or for their student. 

    Do you want to schedule a consultation with the Elementary Counselor?  Please fill out this form and Alexis Ball will be in touch with you soon.

    Alexis Ball, Elementary Counselor