• Secondary Eligibility Process

    Eligibility reports are pulled every Tuesday morning by our athletic office. Students found ineligible with 2 or more F's will be ineligilbe from Wednesday to the following Tuesday. This means that students may attend practices but are not allowed to participate in any game or contest with the team. Students are also not permitted to travel to an away game with the team on a bus or take part in any early dismissals during their week of ineligibility. Students with 3 weeks of ineligibility will not receive PE credit for their season. 


    Fixing Eligibility:

    Step 1: Please review the eligibility report posted on the board in the cafeteria outside of the NE gym doors to see if your student ID is listed. In addition, an email will be sent to you by the athletic department in the event you are ineligible. 

    Step 2: If you see your student ID posted, grab an eligibility sheet off of the board and take one with you.

    Step 3: Take your sheet to the class that you have fixed the grade in. We will need it signed and dated by the teacher. 

    Step 4: Bring signed sheet to the athletics office by the end of the day Tuesday. 

    Step 5: Once signed sheet has been turned in to the athletics office, your coach will be notified that you are cleared.