Facilities, Health, & Safety

  • The health and safety of our students, staff, and families will remain an overarching priority.  We are developing models and guidance for the many facets of this priority, including: expectations for personal protective equipment (masks); protocols for classroom and hallways; procedures for entering and exiting buildings/campus; schedules and procedures for cleaning and disinfecting; etc. It will take the coordination across the K-12 working together to ensure the environment is as safe as is reasonably possible.

    More information is available in the

    Peak to Peak In-Person Learning Guidelines.

FAQ's about personal protective equipment

  • Will students be required to wear masks? Will masks be mandatory in every indoor space and outside where social distancing is not possible?

  • Will the school provide a mask to students who arrive on campus without one?

  • What personal protective equipment will staff members be required to wear?

  • How will mask-wearing and social distancing be reinforced with students? Are there disciplinary actions?