• Course Availability & Change Requests

    The Add/Drop Deadline for the first semester is: Tuesday, August 23rd, 2022 


  • All schedule changes must be submitted via the links above by the closing date. Students must also check the course availability spreadsheet linked above to ensure the class they are requesting is offered during the time they want it AND that the class has room. Please note, there are very limited spaces in most classes and the seat numbers will be changing throughout the week.


  • Please use the Google form for schedule change requests. It will close at the end of the school day on the deadline date. Please be advised that most courses are full and counselors don't anticipate being able to accommodate many change requests. Students MUST check the available course list above (or posted in the N lobby or CCC) before submitting this form!

Additional Instructions

  • Note, that only students with a BVSD email address can complete and submit these forms. Please do not email your counselor to change your schedule. Once students have submitted a schedule change request, we ask for your patience as counselors need time to work through all the requests as they, along with the teaching staff, will be in meetings the entire week before school begins.

    Requests are not final until the course is changed on your schedule. We cannot guarantee changes and we will not be reaching back out to individuals who request changes. If we can accommodate your request it will be reflected in IC. If you submit a request for a change, be sure to check your schedule regularly to determine if the change was made.

    The master schedule process is complex, and we thank you for your understanding as we make adjustments in order to honor as many requests as possible.