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High School Math

  • Mathematics not only facilitates logical thinking but is also used to describe and analyze our world. At Peak to Peak, our math classes teach students to value mathematics as a discipline unto itself, to make connections between mathematics and other disciplines, and to examine the applications of mathematics in our world. We balance the development of formal mathematical algorithms with critical reasoning and investigating mathematical properties and ideas.  We expect students to think through the mathematics behind formal skills rather than simply following set procedures. Through practice, students become proficient with their formal skills and develop strategies for thinking critically.  

    Graduation RequirementPeak to Peak students must successfully complete four years or 40 credits of mathematics. This is in accordance with newly-approved Colorado requirements. Furthermore, students are encouraged to take four full years of mathematics for college admission to the University of Colorado, University of California, and many other selective public and private colleges. Additionally, many engineering schools require four years of mathematics and strongly recommend calculus. Any course below Algebra I in Peak to Peak’s math course pathway does not receive high school credit.

      Math Curricular Pathway

      • map of math pathways

      Integrated Math I

      Integrated Math II

      Integrated Math III


      Discrete Math and Math Applications

      Algebra I Honors

      Geometry & Probability Honors

      Algebra II / Trigonometry Honors

      Pre-Calculus Honors

      Finance Models; PreCalc Honors

      AP Calculus AB

      AP Calculus BC

      AP Statistics

      Differential Equations Honors

      Multivariable Calculus 3 Honors