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High School Science

  • The Peak to Peak Science Department seeks to create excitement for, and excellence in, the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the natural world. Students are asked to approach scientific problems both critically and creatively, while developing a fundamental understanding of science as a thought process and applying those skills to real world situations in all disciplines. Specifically, students will be encouraged to develop their abilities to interpret current events, both scientific and otherwise, using inquiry and logic-based thought. Many of the department’s courses are heavily lab-based, promoting the philosophy that the acquisition of scientific understanding is best derived from experimentation and not simply the memorization of facts. Students are actively encouraged to explore their interests above and beyond the scope of the classes with full faculty support.  

    Science is a constantly evolving discipline and, consequently, the science faculty is dedicated to achieving and maintaining the highest level of scientific expertise, with a current knowledge of today’s struggles and breakthroughs in the sciences. In addition to providing challenging honors and AP science classes, the science department is dedicated to helping students broaden their skills and breadth of knowledge by offering challenging electives and individual research opportunities. The ultimate goal of the department is to create in the students a long-term love of learning and a methodology to use in interpreting and understanding the world around them—abilities to last and serve a lifetime. Science and technology go hand-in-hand in today’s world and an understanding of the technology behind modern living is essential to being successful in college and in most careers. For this reason, Peak to Peak expects each of its graduates to have facility with and an understanding of technology and its role in modern society.

    Graduation Requirement:  Peak to Peak students must successfully complete three years of laboratory science, including Biology or Biology Honors and Chemistry or Chemistry Honors. The third year must be selected from Physics, Anatomy & Physiology, or the AP sciences. A fourth year of science is required by many engineering schools and is strongly recommended for students contemplating a college major in science, math, or the social sciences. Peak to Peak students must also successfully complete a minimum of 5 credits in Technology.

      Science Curricular Pathway

      • graph of science curricular pathway

      Biology 1

      Biology 1 Honors

      Chemistry 1

      Chemistry 1 Honors

      Physics 1

      Physics 1 Honors

      Anatomy and Physiology Honors

      Engineering the Future Honors

      AP Environmental Science

      AP Biology

      AP Chemistry

      AP Physics C: Mechanics, Electricity, and Magnetism

      Science Research Seminar Honors