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High School Social Studies

  • The Social Studies Department engages its students in a learning process in which every student’s ideas and participation are valued. Students are encouraged to be intellectually curious, seek multiple perspectives in reading and discussion, and question what they read and hear in and outside of the classroom. Critical thinking skills and relevant content pieces are taught and supported at each level, essential to understanding a complex and constantly changing world. Students use the content knowledge they gain in each course in order to discuss and engage academically about their local, national and global communities, in which an understanding of the past is crucial to discussing current historical conflicts, modes of decision making, and political, economic and social paradigms.  

    Ultimately, the department’s objectives are: to excite students about social studies and lifelong learning, to attend to students’ academic needs, and to assist students in achieving their academic potential. To motivate student involvement in the school and local communities, the department promotes creative decision-making, engages students in current events and international affairs, and teaches the skills necessary to help students become active and engaged citizens. Department members make social studies relevant and challenge their students to grasp the interdependence of diverse peoples and cultures, both past and present.

    Graduation Requirement:  Peak to Peak students must successfully complete three years of social studies, which must include a full year of human geography, a full year of US government and politics, and a full year of US history.

      Social Studies Curricular Pathway

      • graph of social studies curricular pathway

      Human Geography

      AP Human Geography

      United States Government


      AP United States Government and Politics

      United States History

      Combined: AP US History and AP Language & Composition

      Global Issues

      AP Psychology

      Humanities Research Capstone