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High School World Languages

  • The World Languages Department believes that through the dedicated study of French or Spanish, our students will graduate with both a functional fluency in the language as well as a greater awareness and appreciation of other cultures.  These will promote lifelong language learning, provide students with a better understanding of the global community, and help them take an active role as world citizens. The department strives to develop each student’s ability to attain at least an intermediate-high level of proficiency in all four language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) as defined by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). To further this goal, we believe in using the target language as much as possible. The classroom experience includes minimal English in order to immerse students in French or Spanish. 

    Graduation Requirement:  Students must complete three years of a single world language in high school or through Level 40. Students are welcome to concurrently enroll in more than one world language.   Please note that course offerings are based on sufficient enrollment.

      World Languages Curricular Pathway

      • world language pathway graph

      Spanish 10

      Spanish 20

      Spanish 30

      Spanish 35 Honors

      Spanish 40: Conversation

      Spanish 41: Cultural Exploration and Oral Practice

      Spanish 45

      Spanish Heritage Speakers 2

      Spanish Heritage 3 Honors

      AP Spanish Language & Culture

      Hispanic Honors, Culture and Oral Expression

      French 20

      French 30

      French 45

      AP French Language & Culture