Middle School Content Areas

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  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • World Languages
  • Technology
  • Visual Arts
  • Performing Arts: Music
  • Performing Arts: Theater
  • Health & PE
  • General Electives
  • Full Standards-Based Grading

Middle School Music

  • The Music Department is committed to providing students with a broad base of performing opportunities at Peak to Peak and in the community. Through experiencing choir, band, strings, or other musical activities, students can find personal expression and work in team-building endeavors. The benefits of performing in musical activities include: Fostering a sense of cooperation and participation, while not discouraging healthy competition; providing a channel for students’ creative impulses while developing problem solving skills through a forum that meets the needs of aural, kinesthetic and visual learning styles; encouraging students to engage in performing music at ever higher levels of ability; this character building aspect requires that students develop self-discipline and motivation to master complex tasks over a long period of time. Music at Peak to Peak is an integral part of the students’ entire learning experience. 

    The Music Faculty believes that a thriving music program supports the Peak to Peak philosophy of preparing well-rounded students. All Middle School students are required to enroll and complete a minimum of one semester of Physical Education, one semester of a Visual/Performing Arts course, and one semester of Technology over the course of their three years of Middle School.

      Ukulele Lab

      Piano Lab

      Guitar Lab

      General Choir

      Concert Choir

      Phoenix Fire Select Choir

      Music Technology

      General Band

      Concert Band

      Jazz Band

      Advanced Jazz Band

      Wind Symphony

      Sinfonietta Orchestra

      Stringendo Orchestra

      Con Brio Orchestra

      Concert Orchestra

      Chamber Honors Orchestra