1:Web at Peak to Peak

  • Peak to Peak is working with BVSD to launch a 1:Web program for 5th-12th grade students beginning in Fall 2022. BVSD has been rolling out their 1:Web (read as "One to Web") initiative across the district since 2015 as part of their mission to ensure all students and teachers have access to the technology and resources they need to be successful.

    What is 1:Web?

    1:Web provides a personal device to every student in the program for a low annual fee. Students are able to use the device at home and at school to access assignments, collaborate with peers, and connect to limitless online resources. Unlike the previous technology model with classroom carts, devices are individually assigned to students and travel with them throughout the day.

    Why 1:Web?

    This model ensures that every student has equal access to a device at home for studying, assignments, or research, as well as at school. Additionally, devices are replaced routinely every 4 years, which guarantees that students will have a recent device with the newest operating system and security features in place.

    What are the 1:Web fees?

    The annual device cost depends on the model purchased for each class. The fee is the same for the four years the student has the device, with rare exceptions. Device fees are loaded into RevTrak in August before registration. See the current costs for parts and repairs.

    Is my student required to participate in 1:Web?

    In alignment with BVSD's practices and procedures, all students in 5th-10th grade will automatically be enrolled in the 1:Web program beginning in Fall 2023. Students in the classes of 2024 and 2025 can elect to participate in the program, or may choose to bring their own device from home. (This program will be rolled up to higher grades in each subsequent year until all students are participating in 2025.) The use of BVSD devices allows for better classroom alignment, streamlined teacher support, equitable technology access, and uninterrupted device use through our IT repairs and loaner program. The reason the district has had success with this program is because when we see students using unified tools in the classroom, it increases the efficiency and effectiveness of instructional delivery and peer to peer collaboration. If you have further questions about your student's participation in the program, please contact the Assessment, Data, & Technology Manager directly.

    How can I learn more about the 1:Web Program?

    BVSD has put together a comprehensive FAQ document for parents/guardians, as well as additional resources on the district 1:Web page. If you have any further questions, please contact James Fuller.

  • 1:Web Parent/Guardian Agreement