Peak to Peak Alumni

  • Welcome to the Peak to Peak Alumni page. This page currently houses several resources that will help the school stay in touch with our alumni. Information and resources for alumni are also included. This page and the associated resources are in development, so please visit often and let us know how we can improve this site.

Transcript Requests

  • Please email the Post Graduate Coordinator, Macaela Holmes Fuller, at to send a transcript.

    Please include your name, graduation year, the name of the institution as well as the contact name & complete mailing address of the institution.

*Piqued* - The Alumni Magazine

  • Spring 2023: VOL 6, ISS 2
  • Fall 2022: VOL 6, ISS 1
  • Spring 2022: VOL 5, ISS 2
  • Fall 2021: VOL 5, ISS 1
  • Spring 2021: VOL 4, ISS 2
  • Fall 2020: VOL 4, ISS 1
  • Spring 2020: VOL 3, ISS 2
  • Fall 2019: VOL 3, ISS 1

Once a Puma, always a Puma! We love having alumni come back to visit.

  • Once a Puma, always a Puma!  We love having alumni come back to visit. We want you to be able to connect with teachers and staff that have made a difference in your life. It's an incredible chance to keep our community strong and learn about how your time here has translated to college and professional life.  Teachers are eager to connect with you, but know that your ideal timing may be when the teachers you know and love are trying to get a new group of students ready for instruction, or finalizing plans for their final exams. The start and end of each semester is crucial, as you know, for the teachers and students. In addition, new security requirements mean every visitor needs to check in at the attendance window and have an appointment or pre-determined destination. Knowing these details, let's find the best time for your to connect with our staff.  Please follow the guidelines below when visiting:

    • Visit during lunch and after school, not during class time.  
    • Make arrangements to meet with teachers by emailing them ahead of time.  
    • If possible schedule your visit for alumni lunches.
    • Attend the annual gala auction if your are in town at that time.  We often need speakers, so your presence would be a great “present” to the community.
    • Come to graduation, and let us know if you’d like to be a speaker at this or other future events.