Payment Information


    Manage your student's Peak to Peak Meal Account online by using MyPaymentsPlus, an online school lunch account management tool.  With MyPaymentsPlus, you can set up a low-balance email reminder for when your student's account gets below a level you choose.  If you prefer, you can set up an auto-refill when your student's account drops to a level you choose.  No money is ever charged to your credit card without your approval and there are no transaction fees.

    MyPaymentsPlus is fast, easy and very convenient to use.  Visit to add money to any Peak to Peak meal account, or you can send in cash or check and put it in the drop boxes located either in the lobby of the South building or in the cafeteria.  Cash and checks sent with your child will be credited to your child's personal meal account.  If using checks, please make payable to Peak to Peak Charter School.  Write your child's first and last name and student ID# on the check to be sure the money is deposited into the correct account.

    • Step 1: Go to  For new accounts, you must register.
      • When choosing the school district, choose Peak to Peak, NOT Boulder Valley. 
      • Important!  Choose the category "GENERAL" (Please note: if you select the "MEALS" category, your student will not be able to purchase a la carte items and will only be able to purchase the regular school lunch.)
    • Step 2: You will need your student's six digit ID number, which is available on Infinite    Campus.
    • Step 3: Have your credit card available, and follow the prompts.
    Negative Balances & Meal Debt

    Peak to Peak policy dictates that students coming through the school lunch line will be provided with a complete school meal regardless of their meal account balance. Food Services staff does not discuss money with students, nor will they identify students with negative account balances in any way. Regardless of their financial status, Peak to Peak believes that every student deserves daily access to fresh, flavorful and nutritious food made with wholesome and when possible local ingredients.