Field Trips

  • Peak to Peak is required to follow the BVSD Medications In School Guidelines for school field trips. During field trips, all medications are kept in the safekeeping of Peak to Peak staff and administered only by staff who have been delegated to give medications by the P2P School Nurse Consultant.

    A volunteer is never responsible for medication administration.


    The health room will provide medications for field trips during school hours only if a parent/guardian has provided them. Students with the proper paperwork on file in the Health Room may self-carry their inhaler and/or Epi-pen on the field trip.


    Medications that your student takes at home will need to be provided for all extended field trips. The P2P staff sponsor will provide parents/guardians with the appropriate paperwork and instructions for the field trip.

    All medications must comply with BVSD policy.  See the Medications page for specific details.

    Please give the health room time to alert our School Nurse Consultant so that she can properly delegate safe medication administration to staff chaperones.

    Peak to Peak staff are responsible for administering and storing all medications on overnight trips which take place IN Colorado.

    Students are responsible for administering and storing all medications on overnight trips which take place OUT of Colorado. The exception is controlled substances which are required to be carried and stored by staff on out of state trips - students will still self-administer their own medications.


    The health room will NOT provide medications for events that happen after school hours. 

    It is the responsibility of families to provide medications and training to staff/chaperones.  

    Staff can refuse the responsibility of medications.

    Please contact the BVSD School Nurse Consultant at or call the health room at 303-453-4616 if you have any questions or concerns.