The P2P health room is required to follow BVSD Health Services policy for Medications.
    Boulder Valley students may receive medications at school according to the following procedure:
    • Medications may not be in the personal possession of students.  Medications must be kept in the health room.
    • For all prescription and non-prescription medications, a student’s parent or guardian shall make a written request for school personnel to administer medications by providing a completed Medication Administration Authorization form, which is to be signed by both parent/guardian and physician.
    • A new form must be signed and submitted for each new prescription medication, non-prescription medication or dosage change. Authorization forms must be completed each year.
    • Medications should always be delivered to the health room staff or office staff by an adult.
    • The student must report to the health room or school office to take medications.
      • EXCEPTION: Any student who requires the use of an inhaler or EpiPen may carry and self-administer the prescribed medication if the physician signs a specific statement on the Medication Administration Authorization form, endorsing the student’s capability for this.
    • Prescription medication supplied by the student’s parents or guardian must be in a properly labeled bottle dispensed by a pharmacy.
    • The label and the physician order must match.
    • Health room staff are not allowed to cut pills. Consider liquids.
    • Non-prescription, “as needed” medications must be in the original labeled container. The bottle should also be labeled with the student’s name.
    • It is the responsibility of the parent to obtain all unused medication from the school when the medication is expired, discontinued, the school year ends, or the student transfers to another school. At the end of a school year, school staff will dispose of all unclaimed medications.
    Parents/guardians may always come to school and administer medication to their child.

    Medications and Field Trips:
    The health room will provide medications for your student for field trips during school hours if you have provided them to the health room.

    Extended overnight field trips (such as Calwood or band/choir field trips) require the same procedure for medications given at school.
    • Parents/guardians will bring a completed Medication Administration Authorization form and the properly labeled medications to the health room.
    • The health room will provide a dispensing log as well as instructions to teachers for extended field trips.
    • Students may self carry an inhaler or EPI pen only if the Medication Administration Authorization form is signed by a health care provider indicating the student is capable of doing so.
    • ALL other medications are in the safekeeping of Peak to Peak staff.
    • Medications are never dispensed by volunteer chaperones.
    The health room will not provide medications for events that happen after school hours or during the weekends. The responsibility falls on the parent or guardian to contact the chaperones/coaches of an after hour event regarding medication administration. Teachers and coaches can refuse to administer medications under these circumstances.