Peak to Peak's Enrollment Process

  • Peak to Peak’s goal is to prepare our students for success in college. If your family desires a challenging, liberal arts college preparatory education, we invite you to attend one of Peak to Peak’s informational meetings that are held during the open enrollment period. For information on these meetings, click on the Open Enrollment link on the website.
    Parents can follow BVSD's open enrollment procedures and apply to Peak to Peak. Applications are completed online through the website and must be submitted by the deadline at the close of the open enrollment application period.  Additional information about open enrollment timelines and procedures may be obtained starting in November.
    Acceptance of students into Peak to Peak is based on the lottery system, as is the case with open enrollment at any Boulder Valley school that has more applicants than available spaces. Thus, when applications to the school exceed spaces available, students are selected through a random lottery process. Once admitted to Peak to Peak, students may continue through the Peak to Peak program, including the transition points between the elementary and middle school levels as well as the middle and high school levels.

    Please note:  Misrepresentation of any information on the open enrollment application will be grounds for invalidation of that application, even if the misrepresentation is discovered after the student is already enrolled.