A Message From the Principals

  • Thank you for visiting the Peak to Peak Charter School website! Since 2000, our teachers, staff, and volunteers have taken the original vision of a liberal arts K-12 college preparatory public charter school and developed a successful program that is being recognized both locally and nationally. Peak to Peak offers students a challenging, unified, standards-based education that prepares them from the moment they join the Peak to Peak student body to be admitted to a college of their choice- including to the most selective colleges and universities.
    Our alumni speak of the inspiration, support and challenge they received from teachers; of the high expectations from the administration that they internalized; and of the individual support and resources they received from our counselors. These and many other factors, from parental encouragement to academic challenges, have prepared each one to excel at the college of their choice. Peak to Peak’s vision—to inspire students to fulfill their academic dreams for college, to develop their creative passions and athletic talents, and to become responsible citizens—is being realized. Our students and graduates are becoming well-rounded, well-educated citizens who exercise their intelligence with integrity and strength of character. They are also learning to become leaders in their school and community.
    Peak to Peak is small enough to ensure that each student is known and valued, yet large enough to provide a variety of academic, athletic and extracurricular options. Peak to Peak’s unified, coherent and challenging curriculum ensures a quality education from a student’s grade of entry through high school graduation. Regardless of level (elementary, middle or high), we are focused on helping each student achieve success at his or her next level of education as well as in life beyond the classroom. 
    Our website is filled with a wealth of information about our school and we encourage you to take some time and explore areas of interest to you and your family.  We look forward to becoming acquainted with you and welcoming you to Peak to Peak Charter School.  
    Best regards,
    Ms. Melissa Christensen
    Elementary School Principal
    Ms. Melissa Christensen
    Ms. Clara Quinlan
    Middle School Principal
    Dr. Gretchen Mosca
    Mr. Kyle Mathews
    High School Principal
    Mr. Kyle Mathews