Peak to Peak's Strategic Plan

  • The Peak to Peak Charter School board of directors and leadership team are pleased to present the school’s strategic plan. This plan was collaboratively developed, revised, and refined over time using a multi-faceted process with input from stakeholders in all areas of the school’s operation. Peak to Peak’s strategic plan is heavily grounded in our vision and mission statements, as well as our core values.

    strategic plan cover page


    The Peak to Peak Strategic Plan gives definition and meaning to our vision, mission, goals, and priorities for the future. This plan serves as a dynamic road map for our school, guiding our efforts to provide a challenging learning environment, addressing our community’s needs, preparing students for postsecondary and workforce success, and inspiring them to reach their full potential. Innovation and Excellence remain at the core of our purpose and represent the comprehensive picture that distinguishes Peak to Peak Charter School.

    The foundation of the plan is comprised of 18 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)—high-level, quantifiable measurements of the school’s critical success factors. Together, our excellence and innovation push us to explore leading-edge ideas and opportunities to benefit our students and guide our community into the next generation of educational distinction.