Distance Learning at Peak to Peak

  • Peak to Peak has developed a Distance Learning plan to take effect beginning March 30th, 2020. 
    Distance learning is a generalized term used to describe all types of learning activities that happen away from a traditional classroom setting, which could take a variety of formats, including online meetings, webinars, or interactive software. Distance learning may also take a similar format to the work students are currently doing in classrooms. It may be as simple as emailed documents or links to online resources. Please keep in mind that while some teachers may be exploring strategies for using virtual learning tools, this is not an expectation.
    Communications from the Boulder Valley School District have used the term “home learning.” Peak to Peak will continue to use the term “distance learning” in order to differentiate ourselves and to eliminate any potential confusion between our programs and homeschooling practices, which place primary responsibility for teaching on the parent(s)/guardian(s). Our teachers are eager to maintain their connection with students as the primary instructors, although your support of your children with their learning is greatly appreciated. 
    Do not expect your students to be following a normal class schedule where they are sitting in front of a computer all day. Again, distance learning does not necessarily mean online instruction and/or video conferencing. 
    When students may be asked to use online environments more than they normally would in our traditional classrooms, we look to parents and guardians as partners in monitoring students’ use of technology. 
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