Daily Health Screening

Health & Safety Protocols

  • Health screenings are an important part of in-person learning opportunities. Active health screenings occur on campus and are completed by trained staff. Passive health screenings happen at home, before the student, staff member, or guest arrives on campus.

    There are 5 important things to know about passive health screenings at Peak to Peak.

    1. Health screenings are an integral part of our school’s contact tracing practices which are required by the local health department. 
    2. The passive health screening form must be completed before arriving and anytime a student is scheduled to be on campus. Even if the student is staying home, if they are scheduled to be on campus, the passive screening must be completed in order to fulfill the contact tracing requirement.
    3. Parents/guardians must complete the health screening form, not the student. No matter what grade the student is in, the parent or guardian must be completing the health screening form on their behalf.
    4. The health screening form must be completed for each student, every time the student is scheduled to be on campus. If parents/guardians elect to keep their child at home whether they are sick or not, because they are expected to be on campus, this form must be completed.
    5. You can find the health screening form on the homepage of the website, and on the Peak to Peak mobile application in the “quick links” section.

    It is the responsibility of all members of the community to support these health and safety requirements. We are confident that our response to the pandemic will make our campus safer, and we can do it by working together. 

    The required passive health screening forms are completed in Infinite Campus. You can find instructions for completing the health screening form here in English and in Spanish.

FAQ's about health screenings

  • What are the health screening protocols for people entering the building for in-person learning (both staff and students)?

  • Will COVID-19 testing be provided?