Peak to Peak's Reintroduction Plan

  • Peak to Peak will remain in Distance Learning
    for all grade levels from January 5th-15th, 2021.
    Additional information regarding in-person learning was sent to families on January 8th. 

    Our K-12 priorities for 2020-21 include:  
    • Health and safety (physical distancing, minimized exposure/movement, daily screenings, masks, etc.) 
    • Stable and consistent delivery of instruction and support
    • Stable cohorts of students
    • Flexibility for short and long-term closures
    • Predictability for the entire school year, smooth transitions
    • Continued focus on equity
    • Social/Emotional Learning (SEL)
    We are working within the health and safety guidelines provided by the school district and the public health departments. Along with the district, we are focused on the following priorities:
    • Ensure health, well-being and safety of all students and staff
    • Maximize student academic growth and achievement
    • Provide supports to teachers and staff
    • Assure operational and financial viability

FAQ's about distance learning (including schedules)

  • What improvements are being made to distance learning at Peak to Peak?

  • How will the school determine if Peak to Peak’s Distance Learning model is working and what you will do if you find it is not?

  • What is the school doing about the “summer slide” that will happen during off quarters for particular courses?

  • What can I do to keep my student from falling behind?

  • What kind of support will students on IEPs and 504s receive?

  • How will students be graded?

FAQ's about the Schedule

  • What does the daily schedule look like at each school level during Phase 2, distance learning?

  • What is the Flex Day?

  • Why was the spiraled, quarterly system chosen?

  • Are we going to have the quarter system all year?

FAQ's about Synchronous and Asynchronous Lessons

  • What is meant by synchronous and asynchronous?

  • Why are students not participating in more synchronous classes? How will teachers possibly cover the curriculum?

  • What are the daily and weekly instructional time expectations?

FAQ's about Curriculum or Specific Courses

  • How are the college admissions process and standardized testing changed as a result of the pandemic, and what are Peak to Peak’s program adaptations?

  • How are AP tests being addressed when students may not have the AP course on their schedule in quarter 4?

  • What about study halls? Can students opt into other courses instead of keeping study halls on their schedules?

  • Will students still have band, orchestra, choir, and music class?

  • What impacts with the secondary spiraled quarter system have on the HS Yearbook course?

  • What should I do with my Summer Reading assignments for classes that begin 2nd quarter?