Peak to Peak's Case Dashboard

  • The data provided below summarizes the current and past cases of COVID-19 for both staff and students at Peak to Peak. This is cumulative data since August 17th. Only students and staff who are scheduled to be on campus are included. During the first quarter (August 17-October 16), there were approximately 100 individuals (staff and students) regularly on campus. During the second quarter (October 19-December 18) this number will increase to 250-300 individuals regularly on campus. We work closely with the Boulder County Public Health department in all cases and follow the developed protocols for contact tracing and quarantine. 

    This dashboard is intended to supplement BVSD's dashboard which is linked at the bottom of this page. BVSD began publishing data at the end of September when in-person learning began at the traditional neighborhood district schools. Peak to Peak has been tracking a variety of data points since our August return. BVSD's data includes an official summary of positive, pending, and quarantine cases that are tracked by the district nursing staff. Peak to Peak's dashboard has an expanded scope and is additionally tracking past data and includes suspected cases that have required investigation. Peak to Peak's data is collected and reported by office and administrative staff at the school, not by our BVSD school nurse consultant. Because the environment is very fluid, we have compiled these into a single designation of "out" in order to demonstrate the most transparency possible for our community in this dynamic situation. The current and cumulative past numbers are included to demonstrate the impact on our community over time. Only individuals who have been on campus are included in the tabulation. We are piloting this format for several weeks and may make changes over time.


    • Active Positive Positive/Probable Case: An individual (staff or student) has a confirmed positive test for COVID-19, or the individual has reported experiencing a critical symptom. These cases result in the quarantine of close contacts regardless of test result.
    • Active Symptomatic or Close Contact Cases: These cases fall into several categories
      • An individual has reported symptoms of COVID that have gone unresolved/ test results pending.
      • An individual has reported symptoms of COVID-19 and been in contact with a person who has tested positive.
      • An individual has been in close proximity to a confirmed positive individual (such as a household member), but may not be symptomatic.
      • An individual has failed the health screener and the issue is under investigation.
    • Closed Positive/Probable Case: The individual has completed the required quarantine or isolation period for a confirmed positive test or critical symptom.
    • Closed Negative or Unconfirmed Case: The individual's symptoms resolved, the individual subsequently tested negative for COVID-19, or the individual completed the quarantine without ever confirming the diagnosis with a COVID-19 test.
    • Student Out/Staff Out: Students or staff may be "out" for a variety of reasons: isolation (tested positive for COVID-19), quarantine (close contacts), exclusion (symptomatic), or awaiting test results (with or without symptoms). These numbers include those who have been quarantined (individuals in cohorts) due to exposure on the Peak to Peak campus as well as those who may have been exposed elsewhere. If the individual was "out" due to COVID-19 or exposure to an individual with COVID-19, they are counted in this total. The intent is to gather a cumulative impact over time.