Marshall Fire Support

    Let Us Know

    Please reach out to your student's elementary classroom teacher or your student's secondary counselor.

    • If you are in need of any kind of support (services, housing, meals, or resources)
    • If you would like the school to know about your circumstances so that we can support you or better serve your students
    • If you are currently housing individuals displaced by the fire so that we can extend our community support to your household
    Click here for an alphabetical listing of teacher contacts.
    Secondary Counselor Assignments: 
    Middle School:
    Liz Meier Thornton (MS, students A-K)
    Andrea Salvo (MS, students L-Z)
     High School:
    Kimberly Gannett (HS, students A-D)
    Molly Creek (HS, students E-K)
    Linda Bostic (HS, students L-R) 
    Mary Campbell (HS, students (R-Z) 

Marshall Fire Response

  • We are grateful to our community members who have indicated an interest in assisting the Peak to Peak students and families who are experiencing loss and displacement due to the devastating Marshall Fire. It is this kind of thoughtful and genuine gesture of giving that makes Peak to Peak such a special place. Our counselors and administrators are in close contact with our highly-impacted families to ensure that ongoing support is in place and that support is personalized to each family. As we help our families address immediate emergency needs, we have organized a plan to address additional support and resources as they navigate the challenges ahead. Below are links and opportunities for our school community to participate in that ongoing support.

    Donate to Impact on Education

    Impact on Education is collecting physical and monetary donations for families in need. These donations are being distributed to families at schools across the district, including Peak to Peak. Impact on Education has the structure and systems in place to respond quickly and effectively in crisis situations to mobilize assistance. They have the ability to leverage their established partnerships and scale appropriately in emergencies. We confidently can depend on this organization to support Peak to Peak and all of the BVSD schools in an effective and equitable way. Contributions to Impact on Education will provide immediate and targeted aid to families in crisis. 

    Donate to Peak to Peak's Marshall Fire Fund

    Peak to Peak's Marshall Fire Fund is a special opportunity for interested families to financially support community members directly impacted by the fires. Through Friends of Peak to Peak, the Peak to Peak Board of Directors is leading an initiative to collect and distribute funds to our impacted families. Donations will be overseen by the board treasurer and representatives from the board in collaboration with school staff who are in close contact with families impacted by the fire. Donations are being accepted through the Friends portal on RevTrak. When making a donation, please indicate that the donation is specifically for the "Marshall Fire Fund." 

    Donate Time, Services, Meals, and Resources

    Complete this linked form to donate time, services, meals, or resources to Peak to Peak families with needs. 

    Our counselors and administrators have been working closely with our impacted families, and now it is time to turn to our larger community to continue with ongoing support. A volunteer team with representatives from each school level has assembled to coordinate this effort and connect with our larger community.  While our staff members will continue outreach, it is time to mobilize our Puma community, our village, with ongoing support efforts.  

    Individuals who have already reached out to offer donations and support have been added to a mailing list for the ongoing support of our Peak to Peak families impacted by the Marshall Fire. As needs arise, we will use this mailing list to reach out for specific support for our families. If you would like to be added to this mailing list, please complete the form linked above. You can request to be removed from these mailings at any time.