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  • COVID-19 Dashboard, Cases, and Information

    We received several questions this week due to a jump in COVID cases at Peak to Peak. Active cases and quarantines are reported on BVSD’s COVID-19 Dashboard which is updated with data from the BVSD nursing staff and contains the most current and accurate information. You can find information on the COVID Health and Safety page on our website. Please click to read answers to the common questions we have received.

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  • Fundraising by Counting

    The easiest way to support Peak to Peak financially is simply to be counted. The October Pupil Count window this year is Friday, September 24th thru Friday, October 8th. This is the process that determines our funding by the State. Each school receives funds for each student in their attendance. September 24th thru October 8th are the days that the State will gather its data for payments, with the most important day being Friday, October 1st. All our students have to do is 'be here' to be counted. We ask that there are no extended absences during this window. Thank you for your support.

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  • REMINDER: Virtual Community Q & A on September 28th, 6:00-7:30 PM

    Peak to Peak will be hosting a Virtual Community Q & A on September 28th, 6:00-7:30 PM. Click for the details and links to join the conversation.

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  • REMINDER: COVID On-Site Testing 2021

    All families and staff have to register or re-register and sign consent to be eligible for mobile on-site testing. To register please go to and select the staff and students icon. A paper registration and consent form is available at the testing table and can be given directly to the COVID team onsite or scanned/emailed to @health covid On-site testing will be at Peak to Peak every other Thursday from 8:00-11:00 AM. It is located outside the south building by the flagpole. The next Thursday it will be here is September 30, 2021. It is only open to staff and current BVSD students.

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  • Picture Retake Day POSTPONED

    Our K-12 Picture Retake Day that was scheduled for Monday 9/27 has been postponed. Lifetouch had some technical issues and was not able to get student photo proofs out prior to retake day. We will distribute proofs as soon as we receive them from Lifetouch and then schedule retake day. It will likely be sometime in early October.

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  • Positions Available for Substitute Teachers and Paraprofessional Substitutes

    We wanted to thank the community for your support last year with our need for Classroom Monitors. We have also had success with our new in-house substitutes. But we need your help! Please click to read more about these open positions.

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  • Curriculum Proposals

    It is our process to invite our school community to provide feedback on proposed new curriculum. We are asking our community for input, not votes, as teachers prepared these derived from student interests, etc. Please click to find links to new curriculum proposals.

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  • Fire Drill Today

    All K-12 students participated in a monthly fire drill. It was only a drill and no threat/danger on site. These monthly safety drills are required for all BVSD schools.

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  • P2P Community: Traffic Alert -- Please Be Safe and Be Good Neighbors!

    We have recently received some complaints from our neighbors about traffic issues in and around the school during drop-off and pick-up times. Please click to read of this important message.

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  • Fragrance Sensitivity Statement

    You may see signs outside of classrooms or offices on campus indicating a “Fragrance Free Zone.” Please know that as a community, we are respecting our staff, students, and visitors with known fragrance sensitivities by limiting fragrances (perfume, cologne, scented lotions, scented hand sanitizers and similar products) in these areas. Please click for additional information about fragrance sensitivity.

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  • Lost and Found Donation

    Peak to Peak's lost and found items are located on the first-floor hallway of the south building just outside of the health room. Due to space constraints, items are donated at the end of each month. If your student is missing an item, we invite you to look through the items during school business hours. Please check for any lost items in September by 3:00 PM on Wednesday, September 29th.

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  • Volunteer Needs

    We need your help! Staff lunches, learning garden, College Day, and the health room are all looking for volunteer support. Please click for more details.

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    Is your student sick or experiencing symptoms? Are you wondering when to send your student back to school? Please follow this link for more information and guidelines regarding what to do if your student is sick.

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  • Required School Notifications for Positive COVID-19

    Boulder & Broomfield Counties are seeing a high level of COVID-19 transmission. We ask that families notify our health room immediately (at OR 303-453-4616) if your child has tested positive and/or if your child has had close contact with a positive case. Thank you for your compliance with this important protocol, which will help us control the spread of the virus in our ongoing efforts to keep our community as safe as possible.

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  • Message and Goals from the Peak to Peak Board of Directors

    The Board had a busy first month getting to know one another, learning new roles, and working as a team to create the Board’s goals for the year. The goals we developed are listed below, in no particular order. While there are a number of goals and they will be a challenge to implement, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and get things done. If you have any questions about the goals or would like additional information, please reach out to Colleen Elliott at or Kelly Reeser at Please click the link to read the board's goals.

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  • Parent/Guardian & Student Website Logins

    Beginning in October and over the next several months, we are going to be working on some revisions to the Peak to Peak website. The purpose for these revisions is to simplify the broader public view of the website, while still providing our Peak to Peak community of users with a robust and comprehensive resource. To do so, we will be changing the settings and restricting access to select pages and resources so that only those with a school-provided login will be able to view and access them. Click for more information and to make sure your account is working properly.

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  • Garden Update

    Did you know that Peak to Peak has a garden and seed library? Check out our harvesting updates on our website: Peak to Peak Garden and Seed Library. Many students and staff have sent pictures of their own gardens and harvests! We are also looking for volunteers to help with projects throughout the year. Any time you can offer is greatly appreciated! Please click for the links to the updates or to sign up to help!

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  • News from the Health room

    Please see the linked Student Information From the Health Room flyer. The health room team is dedicated to the care of needs of your students! Contact Donna Rader,

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  • Quick Tip: Staying Connected - Google Classroom & Google Calendar

    Google Classroom and Google Calendars are integral technology tools that we use extensively at Peak to Peak. Teachers and students have unlimited access to the use of Google Classroom as a way of creating and submitting assignments. These tools make it easy for learners and instructors to connect both inside and outside of school. Watch this Quick Tip Video to learn how parents and guardians can also use these tools to stay connected.

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  • Volunteer Meeting

    Please join us for our monthly volunteer meeting this Tuesday, August 31st at 2:00 PM. We are meeting at the LMC picnic tables and will be discussing upcoming volunteer needs, volunteer positions, and more! All are welcome!

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  • COVID Health & Safety Information

    This link will take you to our COVID Health & Safety page where we will post the most updated information for this school year.

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  • The mission of Peak to Peak Charter School is to: 

    • Provide broad access to an exemplary K-12 liberal arts, college preparatory education that challenges students to achieve their academic potential.
    • Be a community that values and recognizes scholarship, academic achievement, and creativity.
    • Provide an environment in which each student is known, respected, and valued as an individual of great potential and promise.
    • Prepare students to become active and responsible citizens of an interdependent world.

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