Campus Emergencies

  • All emergencies should be reported to 303-453-4601.

    Explanation of Campus Statuses. Click here to visit BVSD's Safety Page for more information.
    CLOSED Closure for inclement weather or another emergency as determined by BVSD's school closure policy or by Peak to Peak. (See additional information below.)
    HOLD Hallways are cleared so staff can attend to a situation that does not pose a threat to students or staff, like a medical situation or an altercation.

    Students and staff take action to protect themselves from potential danger (tornado, hazardous material, wildland fire, etc.)

    • Tornado WATCH: The National Weather Service issues a tornado WATCH when the possibility of tornadoes exists.
    • Tornado WARNING: The National Weather Service issues a tornado WARNING when a tornado has been spotted or indicated on radar   
    SECURE A threat exists outside of the buildings and OFF campus. Students and staff remain indoors. All exterior doors are locked.  School personnel secure all perimeter doors and bring any students involved in outside activities indoors. Learning and other activities continue, as normal. Secure status is almost always used as a precautionary measure and is often triggered by police activity in the vicinity of the school.
    LOCKDOWN A threat is ON campus or in the immediate vicinity. Students and staff move to a quiet place indoors. All lights are turned off. All interior and exterior doors are locked.
    EVACUATE Students and staff move away from possible danger, in a quick, orderly process.
    REUNIFICATION The process of bringing students and families back together following an emergency.

What Families Should Do

  • The natural instinct for parents or guardians is to come to the school during an emergency to protect their children. However, by doing so, they may endanger themselves and their children. Law enforcement and school personnel are busy responding to the situation. Your arrival or calls may distract them from their work. Please help by following the steps below.

    Stay Home: The most important contribution you can make to your student and your own safety may be staying away from the school.

    Stay Informed: Information will be shared with families as soon as possible. Please know, in some situations, accurate information may take some time to verify and share.

    Be Ready: Be prepared to follow instructions from Peak to Peak or from the Boulder Valley School District.

School Closure Information

  • The changing seasons remind us that inclement weather can result in school being closed for one or more days.  We all need to plan ahead and be ready in case that happens.

    Under all but the most extreme conditions, school officials have a responsibility to keep school in session.  When the weather is bad, but school is open, parents must make a family decision regarding attendance or late arrival for their children.  A personal contact by the parent or a written note to school officials will excuse a students’ late arrival or absence during these conditions.

    Occasionally, the weather is severe enough that it is necessary to delay or close schools in all or part of the district.  When this occurs, it is extremely important that working parents have pre-arranged child care available to them; arrangements with a friend or neighbor; provisions at a child care center; child care leave from work (if available); arrangements with a neighborhood teenager who also would be out of school; etc.  It is very important that parents make these arrangements now, since the weather is unpredictable and often we are hit with storms early in the school year.

    Whenever it is necessary to close schools, the district immediately sends notice to families via text message, phone calls, and email to the contacts listed in Infinite Campus. Notices of school delays and closures will also be posted on the front page of the Boulder Valley School District's website at as well as on the Peak to Peak website.

    Notification is given prior to 6:30 a.m., or as soon as the decision is made to close during the day.  Typically, the media will release information only if schools are closed.  In most cases, no announcement will mean that schools are open.

    Peak to Peak is part of the Boulder Valley School District.  If Boulder Valley School District is closed, Peak to Peak is closed.

    If it becomes necessary to cancel events exclusive to Peak to Peak, i.e. parent meetings, concerts, or plays, Peak to Peak will communicate via text, email, and notices on the Peak to Peak website.