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Puma Spotlight 2018-19

  • January 2019
    The following Peak to Peak Band Students were accepted into this year's Colorado All-State Band: Cathy Li (12th), Ben McCloskey (11th), Scott McCall (12th), Arden Xu (12th), Madison Lin (10th), and Prash Satish (11th). These students were selected by a live audition process and competed against 900 other students in the State of Colorado for this prestigious opportunity. Only the best of best were chosen and we are very fortunate and proud to have representation on such a high level.

    Jacob Dong (12th grade) is a national winner in the World Series of Innovation with his idea to bring safe reliable internet to Eritrea and Ethiopia! He has made the top three and his project is open for voting. Please use the following link to vote for his project: Internet Consistency in Eritrea and Ethiopia
    At a minimum, Jacob has won several hundred dollars and national runner up, but he vies with two other teams for the national grand prize, which will be determined using judges scores and votes.
    In addition, Matthew Willetto (12th grade) made the top ten for his project on Reliable Internet Media Enrichment Centers as well. His project is not up for voting, but it has received a national commendation.

    The Puma Robotics team performed well at the regional FTC Robotics Qualifying tournament. Not only did they qualify to advance to the state tournament on February 9th, but judges also awarded their robot the Rockwell-Collins Innovate award for its innovative design. 
    Robotics team group photo with trophy.

    Brandon Guo (11th grade), Ayush Garg (11th grade), and Leonard Shearer (11th grade) advanced to one of the "Top 32" teams in the International Public Policy Forum debate competition.

    December 2018
    Jack Mueller-Scott (5th grade) scored a bronze medal at the second in-house tournament of the Fencing Academy of Denver/Parker. The tournament was held in Littleton on December 8 and he competed in the co-ed Y10 Mixed Saber group.
    jack with saber

    The Middle School Boys B Team had a 12-0 season and won the championship against Jefferson Academy 37-28.
    The basketball team with trophy  

    Twenty-three freshmen were honored for demonstrating outstanding character during the first semester. The following criteria were considered for this recognition:

    1) Students who sense when to be group-minded versus individually-minded.

    2) Students who exhibit exemplary cooperation, care and leadership with all types of peers.

    3) Students who need little to no redirection within each classroom, bell-to-bell; students who prove self-control and respect for others, bell-to-bell.

    4) Students who model, on a daily basis, actions that strengthen the P2P learning environment (e.g., volunteering, picking up trash, opening doors for others, maintaining learning labs for future classes, helping those in need, etc).

    5) Students who positively participate in school-wide activities (e.g., school assemblies, study halls).


    Students gathered for a photo in the counseling center

    The Mueller-Scott siblings scored big again; this time at the second in-house tournament of the Fencing Academy of Denver/Longmont with both Brook & Jack tying and scoring bronze medals. The tournament was held in Longmont on December 1. Both Brook (6th grade) & Jack (5th grade) competed in the co-ed Y12 Mixed Ages 8-12 Saber group.
    Siblings fencing.

    Middle School Math Teacher, Kim Struck, has been given recognition as a finalist in the LearnStorm Keep Going, Keep Growing award!
    "LearnStorm is Khan Academy's free, back-to-school program that gives teachers a powerful way to jump start the school year. By combining growth–mindset activities and lesson-aligned practice, LearnStorm drives mastery of core academic skills, motivates classrooms, and builds students' confidence."
    November 2018
    Two Peak to Peak teachers received a BVSD Innovation grant to do some exciting cross-curricular work together with the students in their respective classes. The grant will combine Lauren Sessions' Anatomy class and Kristie Letter's Innovation and Design Thinking class to help create medical devices via 3D printing. The grant purchases a 3D printer so that our students can innovate medical prosthetics for our community. Using available open source material, students can design and produce medical designs and devices which would cost a fraction of what they normally would. Matthew Willeto (12th grade) is taking the student lead on the project. The students are especially interested in designing for children because they outgrow things so quickly cost can become prohibitive. The teachers were inspired to pursue this grant by a story of a man who made a hand for his son for only $10 using open source material and the school’s 3D printer. 

    Fall, 2018 Sports Awards:
    Hogan  Brett Boys Golf        
    Long  Davis Boys Golf 1st Team    1st Team All State Boco Player of the year
    Malhotra  Aditya Boys Golf Honorable Mention      
    Sharma  Suchit Boys Golf Honorable Mention      
    Dimond  Reid Boys Soccer 1st Team       
    Jackson  Garrett Boys Soccer Honorable Mention      
    Gruener  Jonathon Boys Soccer 2nd Team       
    Chewning  Michael Boys Soccer Honorable Mention      
    Lemus  Omar Boys Soccer Honorable Mention      
    Coach McConnell     Coach of the Year Boys and Girls      
    Cunningham  Benjamin XC 2nd Team 3A State Champion    
    Monarski  Ethan XC 1st Team 3A State Champion    
    Beasley  Allison XC 1st Team  3A State Runner Up    
    Beasley  Cole XC 1st Team  3A State Champion    
    McConnell  Quinn XC 1st Team/Senior of Year 3A State Runner Up   Metro Senior Of the Year
    Adams  Sydney XC Honorable Mention 3A State Runner Up    
    Hager Justin XC 1st Team/ Senior of Year 3A State Champion   Metro Senior Of the Year
    Howard Jenna XC 2nd Team 3A State Runner Up    
    Bradfield Tiana XC 1st Team 3A State Runner Up    
    Kuykendall  Ryan XC 1st Team 3A State Champion    
    Ledden William Joseph XC 1st Team 3A State Champion    
    Alexander  William XC 2nd Team 3A State Champion    
    Doescher  Luke XC   3A State Champion    
    Shults  Anna XC 1st Team 3A State Runner Up    
    Triem  Elle XC   3A State Runner Up    
    Portillo  Jennifer XC 2nd Team 3A State Runner Up    
    Coates  Julia Softball 1st Team- Utility      
    Rader  Jamie Softball 1st Team Pitcher      
    Holtgreive  Heather Softball 2nd Team- Infielder      
    Alvarez  Alyssa Softball 1st Team- Infielder      
    Greenspan  Arianna Volleyball Honorable Mention      
    Winner  Calla Volleyball 1st Team      

    The Peak to Peak cross country runners had a successful showing at the recent NXR Southwest Regional Championships. The boys team placed 3rd in the small school division. Ethan Monarski (12th grade) was among the top finishers with an impressive time of 16:02.9!

    The girls team finished 6th in the championship race, with Quinn McConnell (12th grade) leading the team with a time of 17:15.8! Her 5th place finish has qualified Quinn to compete in the national race on Saturday, December 1st in Portland.

    The team at sunrise in front of the race banner.  


    Congratulations to this team of sophomores who rocked a $10,000 win in the Lexus Eco Challenge! The students created an educational campaign to increase awareness around the protection of endangered animals. The project included social media, electronic games, and presentations to younger students. They will go on to now compete for the grand prize of $30,000. What an outstanding representation of creative and innovative thinking!

    Congratulations to:
    Ella Brakhage
    Ben Rosen
    Madison Rippetoe
    Luke Wolsko
    Mana Setayesh
    Jessica Kalloor

    Read the full article in the Daily Camera.

    See the news coverage on CBS.

    The team of winners holding balloons and a congratulatory sign.

    The Brewer Foundation and New York University have announced the “Top 64” teams for the 18th annual International Public Policy Forum (IPPF) - the first and only contest that gives high school students around the world the opportunity to engage in written and oral debates on issues of public policy. For the third consecutive year, Peak to Peak has a team named in the Top 64. Congratulations to Brandon Guo (11th grade), Ayush Garg (11th grade), and Leonard Shearer (11th grade).

    Erin Byrne (11th grade) and her ice skating team placed second at the USFS Synchronized Fall Classic in Anaheim, CA.
    Erin with medal

    The Mueller-Scott siblings scored big at the second in-house tournament of the Fencing Academy of Denver/Parker with both Brook & Jack scoring bronze medals. The tournament was held in Littleton on October 27 . Brook (6th grade) competed in the co-ed Y12 Mixed Saber group and Jack (5th grade) competed in the co-ed Y10 Mixed Saber group.
    siblings in full fencing gear with medals

    Peak to Peak men’s gymnastics students won 5th place at the opening meet of the season and a trophy for Peak to Peak. Congratulations to Logan Hsia (12th grade), Trevor O’Dowd (10th grade), and Sam Brende (11th grade).
    5 gymnasts holding trophies and standing on a podium

    The Brewer Foundation and New York University announced the “Top 64” teams for the 18th annual International Public Policy Forum (IPPF) - the first and only contest that gives high school students around the world the opportunity to engage in written and oral debates on issues of public policy. For the third consecutive year, Peak to Peak had a team named in the Top 64. Congratulations to Brandon Guo (11th grade), Ayush Garg (11th grade), and Leonard Shearer (11th grade).

    Senior students Akriti Poudel and Brian Wee were selected as 2019 Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Semifinalists. These 1,896 students were selected from over 95,000 submitted applications from across the country to continue through our selection process.

    Makenna Turner (11th grade) received the "Future STEM Leader Award" from CBS, Colorado School of Mines, and PCD Energy.

    Peak to Peak is proud to have five athletes in the 2019 graduating class who are signing with Division 1 colleges and one headed to a Division 3 school. S

    Tiana Bradfield 
    Northern Arizona University 
    Cross Country/Track

    Ashley Buck
    Boston University

    Quinn McConnell
    Furman University
    Cross Country/Track

    Nathan Poretz
    Christopher Newport
    Baseball (Catcher)

    Makinzie Short

    Anna Shults 
    CU Boulder
    Cross Country/Track

    Cooper Campbell (4th grade) and his 4th grade football team, the Broomfield Blitz for taking second place in the Division I State Championship this weekend!
    Cooper in his football uniform.

    Congratulations to Elias "Eli" Oakley (3rd grade) who won 2nd Place at the Kooky Spooky 1 Mile Race October 28, 2018.
    Eli and his dad holding their winner's trophies.

    National Junior Honor Society student leaders Lauren Wagner (9th grade), Gianna Guido (9th grade), and Palpasha Karki (9th grade) attended the LEADership conference in Florida.
    Three attendees standing together with the conference logo backdrop.
    October 2018
    Ali Kerschner (9th grade) performed to a packed house on October 26th in Lafayette’s East Simpson Coffee House.
    Ali playing guitar at the mic.  

    The High School Boys Cross Country team landed the state title at the 3A meet over the weekend! William Ledden (11th grade) finished 3rd in the individual race, but it was the team score that drove them to the top.
    Boys team with trophy and banner.

    The Girls Cross Country Team finished with an impressive 2nd place in the 3A championship with Anna Shults claiming 2nd and Quinn McConnell 3rd individually.
    Girls team with trophy and banner.

    Ingrid Veres (5th grade) earned her Padi open water dive certification in Lake Pleasant, Arizona at the desert tortoise diving site. In order to achieve the certification, she had to dive over the course of four days, accomplishing different milestones on each dive. Ingrid persevered through extremely challenging visibility and temperatures.
    She hopes to continue progressing towards the advanced diver certification sometime in the near future.
    Ingrid in mask and snorkel.

    Xavier Que (Kindergarten) has been working hard at his Kung Fu practice. He has attended classes for almost two years, and has put in many hours a week and practices at home. He recently tested and received his orange belt. He had to remember over 35 moves and scrimmage a black belt for this accomplishment.
    Xavier receiving his orange belt.

    Philip Fischer (6th grade) belongs to Code Ninjas, an educational company that teaches kids 7 to 14 years old how to code by building video games. Code Ninjas 1st Annual Coda-A-Thon and Philip was one of at least 15 to 20 kids participating. He took the top prize and won the Code-A-Thon.
    Philip with computer and thumbs up!

    Bethany Bell (8th grade) participated in her first presentation as a YES! Ambassador. YES! stands for Youth Example of Self-Advocacy. The Ambassadors act as mentors the other members and help teach them how to advocate for themselves and how to talk to other about dyslexia. They also work to raise awareness of dyslexia by giving presentations at hospitals, school board meetings, and other events. The topic for this presentation was assistive technology (AT). Bethany had the opportunity to share her dyslexia story and talk about the AT that she uses. After the presentation, the ambassadors took time to give demonstrations of the AT to the attendees.

    Madison Shults, 8th grade, ran her personal best in the middle school cross country championship race which landed her a 5th place finish.
    Madison, biting her medal

    Our National Honor Society chapter inducted 50 new members this fall and the National Junior Honor Society inducted 40 new members.
    New inductees sitting across the stage in the auditeria.

    The Lafayette Jazz Ultimate Frisbee Club celebrated a finals victory in the Fun Division of the Monarch High School Invitational Tournament. The team, featuring players from Peak to Peak and Centaurus, defeated opponents from Lakewood, Boulder, Monarch, and Horizon.
    team members celebrating the victory

    The Peak to Peak Model UN club attended its first conference of the season on Saturday. Seventeen P2P students participated in the all-day event. Our beginners debated the difficult topics of Climate Change and the alleged genocide against the Rohingya people of Myanmar. Three of our beginner teams (Noah Douglass (9th) & Sartaj Singh (9th), Ali Kerschner (9th) & Rishi Hancock (9th), and Tanusree Banerjee (9th) & Bronwyn Busby (9th)) took home ‘Best Delegation’ awards in their individual councils. Our three Intermediate teams worked on the complex issues of Drug Trafficking and Human Trafficking from the perspective of countries in the Organization of American States. Leonard Shearer (11th) took home the award of ‘Outstanding Delegate’ for his work.
    students standing on the lawn outside the school with awards in hand

    The High School Girls and Boys Cross Country teams both won the 3A Regional Championship titles this weekend! For the girl's team, the top three individuals slots were a lock for seniors Quinn McConnell, Anna Shults, and Tiana Bradfield. For the boy's, William Ledden (11th grade) took 2nd place and Ethan Monarski (12th grade) finished 3rd in the individuals. Four other Pumas also earned top ten finishes: Jenna Howard (12th), Ryan Kuykendall (10th), Justin Hager (12th), and Cole Beasley (12th). 
    cross country teams with trophies

    Nate Starbuck, 8th grade, made the Mountain Zone national team for water polo through the Olympic Development Program. 
    Nate playing water polo

    Four 12th grade students in the Communication Innovation Honors class won cash prizes through Lafayette's See and Respond contest. Congratulations to the following students:

    Ben Blankenship - First Prize in Art
    Matthew Willetto - Second Prize in Art
    Jenna Howard - Second Prize in Poetry
    Noah Irwin - Third Prize Poetry.

    Davis Long, 11th grade, was named BoCoPreps golfer of the year.
    Davis Long swinging a golf club.

    Click on the links below to see a list of students who made Peak to Peak's honor roll for the Spring Semester, 2018. 

    Student Honor


    MS Honor Roll

    MS High Honor Roll

    MS Dean’s List

    HS Honor Roll

    HS High Honor Roll

    HS Dean’s List

    3.0 – 3.499 GPA

    3.5 – 3.899 GPA

    3.9 – 4.0 GPA

    3.3 – 3.699 GPA

    3.7 – 3.899 GPA

    3.9 – 5.0 GPA

    HS Honor Roll 2017/18 2nd semester list


    The Peak to Peak Cross Country boys and girls varsity teams placed first at the 3A Metro League race held at Anthem Park on October 4th. Individually, the girls' race was won by Quinn McConnell (12th grade), while the boys' race was won by William Ledden (11th grade).
    girls team standing with trophy  boys team standing with trophy

    The Middle School Boys Soccer team and new coach Erik Torguson won the end-of-season tournament!

    Senior Jonathon Gruener for earned designation as an Eagle Scout. Eagle Scout is the highest achievement or rank attainable in the Boy Scouting program of the Boy Scouts of America.

    The Boys Tennis team advanced to the regional finals.

    The Softball team advanced to the regional finals.

    Brook Mueller-Scott (6th grade) started off the fencing season strong, winning the bronze medal at the first in-house tournament of the Fencing Academy of Denver-Longmont held on September 22. She competed in the co-ed Y12 Mixed Ages 8-12 Saber group.
    Image of Brook in fencing uniform holding helmet and saber

    Davis Long (11th grade) finished third in the Class 3A boys golf state championships! "While many of the golfers who opened the day ahead of him struggled, Long's steady second round was enough for him to creep up the leaderboard and into the top three."

    Quinn McConnell (12th grade) strikes again! "McConnell won the girls' sweepstakes race at the Nike Desert Twilight Festival on Friday night in 17 minutes and .10 seconds, the nation's eighth-best time for a high school girl this season." 
    September 2018
    Peak to Peak 9th grader Sophie Steven is the 2018 - 2019 JDRF Rocky Mountain Youth Ambassador Historian and was captain of her JDRF Denver One Walk team, Finger Prickin’ Good. The walk occurred on Sunday, September 16, 2018. Sophie raised more than $5,600 to help fund research to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes. Finger Prickin’ Good and Sophie we’re recognized as one of the top fundraisers this year.
    student standing with hands in air behind a JDRF sign

    Anna Shults (12th grade) and Quinn McConnell (12th grade) represented Team USA at the World Mountain Running Championships in Andorra last weekend. Their team finished in 6th place overall!
    "At the finish, Shults crossed the line with a solid 14th place. Blair followed just over a minute back in 18th place. McConnell was the third scoring U.S. junior team member in 25th place while Gaylord nursed a hurt foot to the finish in 45th."
    Pictured from left to right:
    Anna Shults
    Joslyn Blair - Vail
    Quinn Mcconnell
    Soleil Gaylord - Telluride
    four girls sitting on a wall in a European village

    The following seniors have been named as 2019 National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists!
    Naomi Burns
    Capri Huffman
    Isabella Sicker
    William Stahoviak
    Isaac Van Tol
    Brian Wee
    "NMSC announced the names of approximately 16,000 Semifinalists in the 64th annual National Merit Scholarship Program. These academically talented high school seniors have an opportunity to continue in the competition for some 7,500 National Merit Scholarships worth more than $32 million that will be offered next spring. To be considered for a Merit Scholarship® award, Semifinalists must fulfill several requirements to advance to the Finalist level of the competition. About 90 percent of the Semifinalists are expected to attain Finalist standing, and about half of the Finalists will win a National Merit Scholarship, earning the Merit Scholar® title."

    Two Peak to Peak runners represented Team USA at the World Mountain Running Championships in Andorra (near Spain). On September 17th, Anna Shults and Quinn McConnell raced in the World Juniors race during the competition.

    In support of World Suicide Prevention Day, Peak to Peak Counselor Mary Campbell was interviewed on KGNU about this important topic. If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, please reach out for help. The interview describes several valuable resources that anyone can use.

     High School Counselor, Mary Campbell, was featured in the Daily Camera's regular education related spotlight:
    Scan of Newspaper article  

    August 2018

    Rising junior, Makenna Turner, used her summer break to make a big difference in the lives of students in Puerto Rico who were impacted by the hurricane. Makenna ran a school supply drive and then personally delivered those supplies to a school in Puerto Rico. She was interviewed and featured by 9News for her efforts.