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Elementary Yearbooks

Hello Elementary Families!
Did you know you can personalize your child's yearbook for FREE?!?! You can upload pictures and design two free pages that will be placed in your child's yearbook to customize it. Help create a special memory for your child by personalizing your two free pages with pictures from your child's year. You can include school events, sports teams, family pictures, vacations, holidays - whatever you want to capture. Please see the linked flyer and read the notes carefully. If you think you purchased a yearbook but Treering is still asking you to buy another one, it is possible the account you made may not be syncing with your child's name. Be careful to spell your child's name exactly as it appears in infinite campus and your school paperwork. If you are still having trouble, reach out to Treering directly at 877-755-8733 as they are very helpful. 
Thank You!
Katy Mathes + 5th Grade Design Squad