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i-Ready Middle of Year Testing

On Monday morning, January 14th, we will provide all middle school students the opportunity to demonstrate growth through the I-Ready Reading and Math instrument.  Peak to Peak is committed to using the results from I-Ready to measure progress and guide instruction moving ahead.  Our learners have already taken the beginning of year I-Ready Reading and Math assessments, and this round is our middle of year measurement. It allows us to see how much an individual learner has grown in the first six months of school. An end of year assessment will also be provided in May of 2019.  The afternoon on Monday, January 14th will provide all MS learners with some reprieve from the testing environment and moves them through three different experiences:  

(1) Aaron Huey, Co-Founder and President of Fire Mountain Teen Residential Center brings 18 years of experience with youth to talk to students in an assembly format on “Awakening Confidence and Leadership”

(2) Mad Science organization’s assembly/conversation the importance of a commitment for our youth to be tobacco-free and vaping-free

(3) Mad Science will be providing five different science stations to spark imagination and curiosity with science and its impact in our world.

Note: Middle school students who take high school classes will not attend high school on Monday.